• Modern finishing of the stairs
    Design and decoration

    Modern finishing of the stairs

    Choice and installation of staircase are not the last stages of home improvement. Modern plaster for the stair flights and landings, decoration and design of the canvas will help to complete the overall architectural and decorative composition of interior. How to choose a suitable finishing? The choice of materials and options depends not only on the structure of canvas. It is defined mainly by the premise interior and the house owner’s imagination. The photos of decorated staircases in our catalog can give you interesting ideas and help you choose the best solution. Repair and finishing of the structure are intended to improve the performance characteristics, extend the functionality and increase…

  • Types of materials

    Marble in the modern interior

    Stone finish is a perfect solution for the stairs in private house, multi-level apartment or public institution. Marble steps are characterized by the diversity of colors and textures. Here we will be talking about their types, characteristics and scope of application. Advantages of marble Marble is a strong and durable material. It is a little softer than granite. Therefore, it is used mainly for interior decoration. Following are the main characteristics of marble: Durability. Decorative characteristics. Resistance to moisture, ultraviolet and temperature changes. Anti-slip steps due to the special treatment. Wide color palette. Simplicity of care. Unlike their wooden analogs, marble steps will not start creaking with time. Given their…