• This is how evacuation ladders are tested
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    Necessary information about the trial of fire escapes

    A fire escape is an element that currently exists in every high-rise building. According to the state standard of the Russian Federation, it should be used for external stair construction emergency and evacuation exits. This equipment is installed outside of structures and buildings and should be used in emergency situations for rescue and evacuation of people located in the building, and also for rescuers to climb on the roof and to get the equipment for extinguishing fires. It is necessary to ensure the reliability and safety of the whole structure to produce timely action for evacuation. That’s why appropriate testing of fire escapes is so important. Why is it necessary…

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    Anti-slip pads – safe staircase

    Many facing materials for the steps are smooth and slippery (for example, tile, marble and metal). They must be protected with special materials. Internal stairs are covered with carpet paths, while it is impossible in case of external staircase. For the outdoor staircase, you will need the impermeable materials, for example, rubber pads. Well-chosen anti-slip step pads allow you to make the staircase safe and place emphasis on the decoration of the structural elements. What are the decorative thresholds for? During repair, not all angles and shapes turn out equal and perfectly straight, аnti-slip pads for the outdoor stairs visually align the space. Other functions of profiles: make expansion joints invisible; make…

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    Bathroom grab bars.

    Bathroom is characterized by high humidity and quite slippery tiled surfaces. For this reason, such premises are often equipped with different devices. Handrail for the bathroom can significantly facilitate the lives of people for specific use and common users. Ergonomic holders are installed for ease of use of bathroom at the level of the toilet. Not only private apartments, but also catering establishments, shopping and entertainment centers, swimming pools and hotel rooms are equipped in this way. Grab rails: unusual decoration If you don’t want to live in unsafe conditions that can end in trauma (especially for older people, small children and persons with limited physical capacity), it makes sense…

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    The right choice of ladders for home

    If you need to hang curtains, hammer a nail or you have decided to do some renovations, the first thing that you notice is that the ceilings in your apartment are quite high. Some people use the old method and hoist a few stools at each other. However, it is not necessary to risk your health and become a regular visitor of traumatology. There is a better way out of this situation –  to draw attention to the products of Ufuk, Alumet, Step Ladders or Nika. In a nutshell, you should choose a right ladder. And if you don’t want to get lost in the diversity, presented in modern stores,…