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    Telescopic ladders give you an opportunity of easy climb

    A telescopic ladder has many advantages: it is light enough, comfortable and not too expensive; it is often used in everyday life. It is indispensable when repairing electrical equipment, minor repairs of walls or ceiling hanging planters with flowers and other activities that occur at a relatively low altitude. However, its capabilities are large enough – it can work at a height up to 10 meters. Telescopic ladders – what are they? The most popular model folding ladder is perhaps a stepladder. It is lightweight and durable; freely withstand up to 150 pounds of weight, allows you to take with you a lot of necessary tools and devices. In addition…

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    How can you choose a reliable ladder for your apartment?

    Efficient use of space in a residential area is possible only in case of use of every precious square meter. Shelves, closets and attic are just as important as bedrooms. How can you choose a ladder and make each zone of a standard city apartment helpful? What do you need a folding ladder for? Ordinary budget ladder have multiple functions. It is equally necessary during the renovation, redevelopment, or when solving everyday problems. Compact folding ladder does not occupy much space, it is durable and sustainable: it is recommended to keep an inventory in a dry place, metal is not exposed to external factors (temperature, moisture), and the period of…

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    A variety of ladders: sliding or telescopic model

    A ladder is easy in use and storage. The construction market is full of varieties of these multifunctional structures. There are both classic foldable L-shaped (or three-section) ladders and telescopic ones which are so compact that will easily fit in the trunk of the car. The article describes the types of such devices and the intricacies of the choice of an appropriate model. Basic configuration of ladders Among the presented configurations of the ladders you can highlight the following: classic; L-shaped consoles; U-shaped ladders with working area; foldable transformers, represented in several configurations; telescopic ladders – the most compact ones.   The main advantage of stepladders is their stability –…

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    Universal ladder: install the size yourself!

    It can help to prune trees and to screw in a light bulb, even at high altitude, to climb to the attic and carry out minor repairs, wash windows, and whitewash the ceiling. Swivel ladder transformer 4×4 Rigger, as well as any other flexible device, is necessary to carry out many types of work in the house and on the plot, which you can buy at loyal price. And the ability to easily change the sizes to fit the requirements of a person in a particular situation makes it indispensable, as indicated by numerous reviews.   What are they? Stairs transformer 4×5 from Leroy Merlin (however, the size chart is…

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    Professional step-ladders

    Variants of ladders Three-section sliding ladder – multifunctional structures, which allow to collect a stable structure resembling the double-sided stepladder, but with a pull-out section for work at height. These ladders have found wide application in construction companies. Aluminium – a lightweight material, this makes the construction of convenient to transport and use. Ladders for home and professional use. The plant produced lightweight aluminum ladders of small sizes for domestic use and durable steel construction that can safely withstand any load. Ladders are needed for builders, finishers, electricians, and gardeners, and librarians. Tower tours for high-altitude construction and installation works. Such structures are very convenient to use. They are equipped…