• wooden ladder-transformer

    How can you make a wooden ladder-transformer?

    Multifunctional furniture will be a practical addition to your kitchen. One of these useful items is a chair-ladder. A transformer ladder has many variations. There are interesting models from IKEA, a simple version can be performed with your own hands. You will need to look at the photo, then create a drawing and follow the following recommendations for the assembly.   The transformer for the kitchen from IKEA The presence of a comfortable chair with steps from IKEA in the kitchen will facilitate access to the upper shelves of the items. There are several options from which you can choose the most suitable one according to personal preferences and interior…

  • ladders transformers

    Universal ladders-transformers

    Universal ladders-transformers are practical and very convenient because they can perform the functions of the various equipment. The compactness and portability of the ladders make it easy to transport and move them from place to place.     Functions of transformers and structural features Thanks to the special design transformers are ideal for different types of work – commercial work, repair work and installation. Articulated ladders can be of the following configurations, but the operating altitude will vary in each state: side-ladders (from 4.3 to 4.7 m); L-shaped ladders (3,0-3,3 m); U-shaped ladders (1.2-1.5 m); regular ladders (2.2 m).   Standard aluminum ladders (4×4) have 4 sections and the same…

  • Stepladders

    Universal ladder: install the size yourself!

    It can help to prune trees and to screw in a light bulb, even at high altitude, to climb to the attic and carry out minor repairs, wash windows, and whitewash the ceiling. Swivel ladder transformer 4×4 Rigger, as well as any other flexible device, is necessary to carry out many types of work in the house and on the plot, which you can buy at loyal price. And the ability to easily change the sizes to fit the requirements of a person in a particular situation makes it indispensable, as indicated by numerous reviews.   What are they? Stairs transformer 4×5 from Leroy Merlin (however, the size chart is…

  • Stepladders

    Professional step-ladders

    Variants of ladders Three-section sliding ladder – multifunctional structures, which allow to collect a stable structure resembling the double-sided stepladder, but with a pull-out section for work at height. These ladders have found wide application in construction companies. Aluminium – a lightweight material, this makes the construction of convenient to transport and use. Ladders for home and professional use. The plant produced lightweight aluminum ladders of small sizes for domestic use and durable steel construction that can safely withstand any load. Ladders are needed for builders, finishers, electricians, and gardeners, and librarians. Tower tours for high-altitude construction and installation works. Such structures are very convenient to use. They are equipped…