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    Optimal design of wooden stairs

    The construction of wooden stairs is important for choosing the installation place and for competent zoning of residential premises. The exterior and decorative possibilities of the leaf also depend on the design features. Functions of the elements of staircase construction Stairs of any complexity can be assembled according to a drawing with your own hands or with the help of a master. Before the installation, it is important to make sure that all elements are perfectly adjusted and designed for a certain load and footage. A string is the most important part of the modular structure; since a beam is supporting, it must be particularly strong to withstand the mass…

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    Stairs framed with wood: aesthetics and use

    Perfect apartment or house for a modern man — a beauty not only inside but also outside, combined with high quality products and materials, their reliability, long service life and versatility. Staircase design is a mandatory element of the interior of many houses, cottages and multi-level apartments, as it is clear in the photo from our catalog. From the point of view of practicality, many owners prefer materials such as concrete and stainless steel. However, if you want to enjoy the product in full, you will need to finish the stairs with wood, which you can always carry out with your own hands. Why should you finish metal stairs with…

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    Wooden access ladder: beauty in simplicity

    A wooden ladder will surely be useful in a household and in the country. It is quite easy to assemble the structure with your own hands – you only need to comply with the basic safety requirements. What should you make a ladder from? Inexpensive but durable and wear-resistant material will be perfect for cottages and country houses. The outposts with your own hands are often made from conifers – for example, pine. Simple wooden ladder can be made according to a photo or another model, but the calculations should be carried out taking into account the recommended settings. You should choose equal bars and logs for a ladder, without…

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    Wooden staircase: buy or assemble?

    The arrangement of a two-storey house or apartment requires the installation of high-quality and reliable stairs. It is possible to buy a ready design, or draw up the individual design project with the independent production and subsequent assembly.   Pros and cons of possibilities The cost of production of wooden stairs often beats all conceivable and inconceivable records. Self-Assembly and manufacture of each part, calculations and adjustment of elements require special skills, the ability to handle the tools and a lot of free time. The order of the project in the design company will require constant consultations, and will result in a tidy sum in the case of elite structures.…

  • wooden ladder-transformer

    How can you make a wooden ladder-transformer?

    Multifunctional furniture will be a practical addition to your kitchen. One of these useful items is a chair-ladder. A transformer ladder has many variations. There are interesting models from IKEA, a simple version can be performed with your own hands. You will need to look at the photo, then create a drawing and follow the following recommendations for the assembly.   The transformer for the kitchen from IKEA The presence of a comfortable chair with steps from IKEA in the kitchen will facilitate access to the upper shelves of the items. There are several options from which you can choose the most suitable one according to personal preferences and interior…

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    Wooden ladder: the production and operation

    Folding ladder is suitable for small apartment. It will be in need in a country house or cottage for domestic use and garden care. A simple model of wood can be made with your own hands. This ladder will have heavier than their counterparts made of steel or aluminum, but this material lends itself to easier handling of the metal. The article discusses how to make a wooden ladder and how to prolong its service life.   The choice of wood and billet parts It should be noted that a wood ladder will be too heavy in case a large number of rungs. If you want to reduce the weight,…