Four-section hinged telescopic ladder is a universal instrument, which can be combined in the right way to perform certain types of height works. Such stairs usually consist of four sections, which can be fixed in several positions.

Product Features

Hinged telescopic ladder can have up to 10 steps. It weights approximately 10-16 kg. Thus, it is quite light, practical and compact, as it can be folded to the size of a single section. Such aluminum ladder is excellent for performing different works both at home (where there are no significant heights), as well as the external and industrial works at a height of 5-10 m.

Ten-meter high telescopic step ladder is made of high-quality aluminum. Such staircase can be used as a two-side ladder and in the form of two separate two-side ladders. Hinged telescopic ladder is able to telescopically extend its own external sections from one crossbar to the other. This allows you to install the ladder on the surfaces with different heights.

Branded structures are equipped with safe and patented special technology (in particular, “climatic”) that fixes the sides of the ladders rapidly and effectively. Hinged telescopic ladder can be restructured into two separate ladders with two sides due to the modification of internal and external sections. This allows you to create the working table or support, using special scaffolds. To increase the supporting surface, you should use the combined traverse.

Ten-meter ladder is equipped with plugs that consist of two elements:

  1. The first one is made of solid material, which is necessary for the tight alignment of steps with the sidewall.
  2. Another component is made of softer material. Its main purpose is to provide a reliable and lasting adhesion of the structure with the supporting platform.

Hinged telescopic ladder has angled braces, which provide additional resistance.

Rails and steps of the single-section staircase are connected with rolled fastening, which provides significant strength.

Advantages of telescopic ladder

Aluminum ladder has a strong metal profile, so that it can be pulled out comfortably and smoothly during the installation and works at a height.

Using it, you can carry out the completion and repair works inside the building and the garden greenhouse works at a height of up to 5-10 m, perform the works in industrial buildings and on a construction site with significant load on the steps.

Such structure of metal extension ladders has the following benefits:

  • high resistance and rubberized contact details;
  • hinge, which can be fixed only with one hand;
  • aluminum extension ladder can withstand the maximum load of 150 kg on one step;
  • accessible price from the brand manufacturers;
  • anodized racks;
  • innovative triangular tubes are used to make the ladder stable and durable;
  • rubber corner legs are necessary to create the comfortable gripping area;
  • straps, resistant to any impact, protect the ladder from sudden separation during the works;
  • ribbed steps are made in a special way to minimize the risk of slipping;
  • there is almost no risk of jamming;
  • the lowest turn radius in enclosed spaces.

Ten-meter wide extension ladder can be easily installed on any hard surface, aligning all roughness.

Safety precautions

Before buying the aluminum staircase, it is important to check the deformation of steps or side components to avoid injuries during the works at height. If you want that these structures serve you as long as possible, you should keep them clean.

It is important to check the serviceability of all ladder components before each application, and clear the article from the dirt, snow, paint or oil upon completion of the work.

This procedure is obligatory, as it determines the safety the following work. After all, a single oil stain can lead to severe trauma.

The wide relief steps minimize the risk of slipping, while the special brackets tightly clamp the extending sections. Thanks to the wide traverse beam, even a single-section ladder holds steady on the platform. Small irregularities will not impede the working process.

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