Ladder products described in the article will help a person quickly and effortlessly climb to the second floor or the attic. Attic ladders of the Fakro company, the price of which will suit any conveniently and easy to fold into a compact unit, they don’t take up much space when storing or transporting in a vehicle.

Stairs to the attic Fakro

Fakro ladders

The kit includes the attic hatch with insulation. When the need for a ladder disappears, it will easily retract upward with a unique wooden rod, and the trap will close. And when closing the hatch, the tightness of the ceiling partition is provided, excluding the heat loss.

Ladder Fakro rulers LWS Smart

FAKRO loft ladders consist of several sections, which number can reach up to four. Material for their manufacture is pine. This wood is easily processed, has a good texture, resistant to rotting, and has low specific gravity. Varnished wood has an attractive appearance.

Additionally, the attic hatch can be inserted with an exclusive lock that closes with the same rod and prevents the penetration of unwanted guests upstairs. The lock in the hatch is arranged so originally that it is completely hidden in the thickness of the bottom panel and it is somewhat problematic to open it without a special key.

The top photo shows the full set of attic stairs with infill ceiling opening. The original design of the products is combined with compactness, functionality, and ease of use. Attic stairs of the Fakro Company are relatively simple installed. You can install them by yourself.

Comfort SeriesIn addition to folding wooden ladders, FAKRO Company also produces fixed, folding and metal ladders. All three products are easy to use, have a distinctive design, have high reliability and security.

The photo on the right is the most straightforward Fakro attic ladder LWS Smart line color “under the bunk.”

The attic doorway is inserted into the door, which has a top cover with insulation, the thickness of which is equal to 36 millimeters.

The design of the hatch uses a spring system, which ensures its tight fit and smooth operation when opening with the key rod. You can additionally use seal along the contour of the hatch, thereby completely missing the convective flow of heat from the main room into the attic or attic. This system of saving also promotes a quick payback of the ladder.

The photo on the right shows LTK thermo model of Fakro ladder. This option is equipped with a special panel with grab bars. Besides, unlike other species, its hatch is heavily insulated.

The main structural features

Fakro loft ladders are composed of longitudinal side girders and horizontal steps. The connection of the side elements with steps us steady and secure as it is fulfilled by the tested scheme of “dovetail.”

This design is not shaken by years of use, able to withstand much greater loads than calculated in the design.

The steps themselves are equipped with special longitudinal non-slip grooves so that you can go up and down safely and comfortably.

Length adjustment to the specified size is performed using corner hinges-hinges with a stencil. All of this comes at no additional charge.

Types of ladders

Polish retractable attic ladders of Fakro Company contain a number of varieties:

  • Comfort (LWK);
  • Smart (LWS);
  • Termo (LTK);
  • Fakro (LWM);
  • Termoizolation (LST).

All these types differ from each other by material (steel or wood), folding method, type of insulation hatch size, ceiling openings, maximum height, and the maximum withstand load.