Each apartment or cottage needs to carry out repairs or collect in the garden the fruit of the trees. Acquired in ancient times, stairs made of wood, cannot guarantee the safety of the stay at altitude. They are not very stable on the ground, and cannot be leaned some trees. But the situation is not so sad, because now there is a beautiful three-ladder — transformer. Reasonable price for it today is very accessible.

The product that is in demand among the population

Mobile and versatile “trenching” will be a great help on the farm. Thanks to its own ability to fold into different positions these products are trendy among both ordinary people and professional workers. 3-section universal ladder contains indicators of other types of ladders – 2-section and step ladders. It is very important that when it is set up, it takes up little space: it is almost zero in width, only some space in length. It can be easily mounted on the back wall of the garage and the house.
Almost weightless stairs, which are made of aluminum for performing a variety of work at height, vary in some sections. One of the most significant lengths is a 3-section ladder 3 x 10. It is performed in the universal domestic version, as well as a professional one.

If the height of this product is less than 7 m, it is a domestic ladder, and the product with height more than 7 m is the professional one (in particular, there is a ladder with the height of 12 meters).

It can be noted that the working height is the length of the entire device, sections of which are remarkably extended and converted to a ladder in ladders.
Among branded products, you can mark this design as a three-piece ladder Rigger 3×11. It can be used as a side design of 2 sections or as free-ranging steps in the L-shaped form with a pull-out 3rd section. All sections are equipped with 11 levels. Safety belts protect from spontaneous folding of steps, thereby ensuring safety in use.
Sections that are moved apart are equipped with a protective device that prevents the pull-out section from random bend over.

Features of a three-knee ladder

This universal miracle-stairs (it is also called a trench line ladder) are equipped with various useful mechanisms which were designed to reduce every risk to a minimum. There are basic features that are inherent in a three-knee ladder.

  • Section, which is positioned at the bottom of all the stairs, like 3 x 10 or 3 x 12 and the other, ends with a traverse – cross-resistant plate, which stands firmly on the ground.
  • The end of the traverse has to edge non-slip feet-shoes that can be changed.
  • Opened sections are connected by couplers to make the ladder not emerge spontaneously. Another support stub is hosted on the 2nd section.
  • Relief steps counteract the effective slide.
  • Strong metal brackets densely shrink sections that are put forward.
  • The ladder is made of anodized aluminum.
  • Top platform guarantees rest to your weary feet or becomes a stand for a bucket of various tools.

Aluminum anodizing

Aluminum is plastic and lightweight metal. It is an undeniable advantage of the product because quite often it is necessary to lift, move, fold and unfold the ladder. However, the aluminum is subjected to anodizing: it applies to various chemical effects to make this product hard and resistant. In the end, protective film-oxide appears on the aluminum surface.
This anodized film is corrosion, which allows using the stairs from aluminum even in very harsh weather conditions. Products, which are processed this way, are not covered with rust, and at the same time are resistant to mechanical damage, without leaving any traces on the hands.

It is interesting to note that the stairs made from anodized aluminum can be painted in different colors using aniline dyes.

Motion solutions

It is a great versatile ladder-transformer. Its device (in particular 3 x 12) allows decomposing it in several versions and use in a broad altitudinal range:

  1. 2-section: such variant is possible when two sections of the bottom are folded together, and the top is set to the form of a “house.”
  2. Ladder with a section that can be extended. Two sections at the bottom are placed as a ladder, and the top is exhibited up. As a result, the ladder becomes more stable, because there are not two stops on earth, but 4. Another option is to loan at the wall the section which is located at the top.
  3. Universal 3 section ladder, 3 x 10, i.e. 3 sections, ten steps. When the ladder is unfolded, it is the most of its length. Its limit height is over 10 meters. In case of a significant duration of the operations, it is possible to use the support area on the top; its size is 27 x 27 cm. This pad is firmly fixed. Ladders on 12 meters are also popular. The final section, as a rule, can be separated and used as a small side ladder.

It turns out that buying one product a person buys 4 useful things.

3-section ladder is endowed with the categories that differ in the number of rungs. Small designs have 5-6 steps in the console and elongated (3 x 10) — up to 10 steps. The maximum permissible load is 150 kg.
The result is a 3-section ladder, which will be very useful in every situation: whether you need to whitewash 3-meter-high ceiling or gather garden fruit, comfortably seating on the ladder 3 x 12. You can agree that it is safe and convenient to gather fruit while steadily standing on the ladder with the extended console. And there is no need to lean the ladder to the tree entangled in the branches with every minute risk to fall. And the final touch: a clear advantage of such products is their affordable price.
Dear readers, share my experience of using similar structures. But if you want to know more about types of folding ladders — a ladder of 6 meters, 3 or 10, read more related articles on our websites.