Steps are the main element of any type of staircase (both inside and outside the building). Today, the most unique and economical facing material is tile. Thanks to the rich assortment and variety of color, shape and type of this facing material, you can give incredible look and beauty to any staircase. It must be taken into account that tile (both indoor and outdoor) must meet high requirements. After all, step coating must be not only strong and resistant to mechanical loads, but also comfortable and reliable. What kind of facing materials should you choose for the steps to make them both beautiful and safe? Is their price affordable?

Types of facing materials for the steps and their advantages

Speaking of the step facing, we should mention the most popular, high-quality and affordable facing materials, such as:

  • clinker;
  • granite;
  • rubber anti-slip model.

Clinker tile is probably the most multifunctional type of the tile. Due to the fact that this material is made by means of extrusion of clay mass, it possesses high strength, reliability and frost resistance. Thanks to its unique design, it effectively protects the staircase from damage, giving it well-groomed, practical and aesthetic appearance.  You can see how universal this facing material is by looking at the photo from the article. Such coating can create a look of smooth, anti-slip surface or be laid in the form of stripes with relief notches, decorative plinths or vertical elements with the treads.

Clinker tile almost doesn’t absorb moisture, which allows you to use it as a facing material both inside and outside the building. It will effectively transform the house by creating a veil of elegance and respectability.

This facing material for the steps is produced at the famous factories of Spain, Italy, France and Russia. Russian tile enjoys a deserved popularity among the facing materials. The price of this facing material depends largely on the manufacturer.

Charm, incredible shapes and shades of Spanish clinker tile

Spanish clinker tile has the most incredible shades and form. Such facing can emphasize the boldest and the most incredible design solutions in the design of interior and exterior. Diversity of bright colors of this facing material will help you decorate any staircase and transform it into a real masterpiece. You can admire the variety of colors and textures of this clinker tile by looking at the photo. There you can see how perfectly it matches different spaces (both inside and outside). Although the price of Spanish tile is quite high, but it is fully offset by its advantages.

Granite tile for the steps guarantees strength and reliability

Granite makes it possible to transform and refine the steps and porch. As we know, granite is a natural stone, which has a high density and durability. Therefore, such facing doesn’t lose color; it is resistant to abrasion, moisture and temperature fluctuations. Due to these advantages, tile made of natural stone is widely used for decorating the façade and floor and refine the sidewalks and porch of any shape. You can see the unique facing projects with the use of this material on our photos. Granite is the most beautiful and aesthetic natural material, which has a perfect look.

Besides, this granite tile has unique properties, which allow you to give it any shape, lay out various patterns and literally paint all around like an artist on the canvas. Due to the wide range of its shades, you can create a real work of art out of the stairs and a common porch. Even a small photo that shows tiling looks impressive. Due to its low price, granite is the most economical facing material. You will be pleased with the advantages and price of this tile for the porch steps.  It looks so bright and beautiful in the photo!

Simplicity and safety of rubber tile

Rubber tile for the outdoor steps can provide safe movement on the stairs. Even though this coating looks quite modest (pictured below), it is perfect for coating the steps in pre-school institutions, crowded buildings and places. Rubber tile for the stairs is intended for their effective protection. It is easy to mount and repair. Besides, rubber coating is resistant to slip, moisture and temperature fluctuations. It is therefore not surprising that this tile is used for facing the porches of different types and shapes. It really helps people safely move up and down the stairs (both indoor and outdoor). Its roughness can be seen even with the naked eye, while the price of this tile is quite affordable.

Basic rules of laying the tile for the steps

So, if you want that clinker tile serves long, you need to use only the specialized building mixtures for its laying and bonding.  Despite the fact that the price of mixtures can exceed the cost of the material, they must comply with the mechanical loads during operation. You should also consider that this facing material must be laid outdoor only when the temperature is above zero.

Keep in mind that during installation, protruding part of clinker tile should not be glued, as the movement of lower layer of the basis can cause cracks and various surface damages. It should be laid as shown in the photo.

In turn, Spanish tile is mounted in the same way as a common clinker.

When gluing this type of tile, you should consider that adhesive must not freeze but dry on its own, as freezing can lead to its full destruction and exfoliation.

In this case, the price of building mixtures and facing material will double.

Laying of granite tile

Due to the fact that granite has a high strength, tile made of this natural material is very easy to lay regardless of the laying technology and weather conditions. The only rule you should observe when coating the steps and porch with this type of tile is to carefully prepare the coating area and, of course, choose only the best building mixtures and glue. Certainly, the price of these materials will not be lower than the cost of granite tile, but their high quality is worth it.

Perhaps, laying of rubber tile on the stairs is the simplest and the cheapest method of facing. After all, the price of building mixtures doesn’t exceed the cost of facing material. The main thing in this process is that you should install the cub on a loose surface.

Given all the above-mentioned types and rules of laying the rubber tile for the steps and porch, you can say that it is possible to not only walk up and down the stairs but also easily realize the most incredible design ideas. Meanwhile, you can save much time and money. We are waiting for your comments, dear friends!