Depending on the location, the staircase can act as a main focus in the house design or be a practically invisible element that just dissolves in the surrounding interior. That’s why the design of hall with the staircase or its arrangement in other premises must be planned in advance so that the final result looks stylish and harmoniously.

What staircases are perfect for home improvement?

When it comes to the multistory building, staircase is indispensable. But what types of such structures fit for this purpose? Having decided to build a staircase in the house or on the balcony, you should learn about their types. Thus, the following staircase structures are the most popular today:

  • Winding staircase, perfect for small dwellings. They are most often applied to access the ground floor or attic.
  • Flight stairs are the most comfortable to use. At that, the stairs you can see at the photo look very harmonious in the large rooms, such as living room or dining room.
  • Bolt ladders, whose structure implies direct fastening of the steps to the walls by means of special bolts. This option will be the best solution for the narrow halls.

Each of the above-mentioned types has its own advantages and features of use and installation.

Staircase – where to place it?


Staircase where to place it

Surely, first floor will become a mandatory place for the installation of the staircase. But you should find out in what premise it will look better and fulfill its main purpose.
To make the design of the staircase at the cottage complete and appropriate, you should place it in the living room or hall. Its sizes and exterior design will depend directly on the financial capacity and personal preference of the house own, as well as on the size of space.
You can find other options of staircase design, when they are installed on the porch or balcony (as you can see at the photo). It allows you to save the space in the house, especially if you don’t have to visit the second floor frequently.

Arrangement of the staircase in the hall: what should you take into account?

Design of the staircase in the hall will depend on the space of the house. However, you should consider that this room represents a business card of any house.
If the private house has not a spacious hallway but just a small vestibule, the best solution will be classic design. Small winding staircase on bolts or without riser, which will overlap in its materials and color scheme with the design of the hall is a perfect option.
To visually expand a small corridor, professional designs recommend designing all surfaces (ceiling, floor and walls) in light shades. This also applies to the staircase itself.
You should carefully consider the lighting, which must be present on the landing. Ceiling lamps and wall scones will fit perfectly for this purpose, as they will not only visually raise the ceiling, but also make the use of staircase safer and more comfortable.
If the hallway turns to the long corridor, its owners will have a greater choice of places for the installation of staircase. The best option for such space is a straight or a turntable flight stairs that you can see at the photo.


Interesting winding staircase

When designing the hall with the staircase, you shouldn’t forget about the entrance area. However, the space must not blend.
You can delineate these areas using the following simple recommendations:

  • For the corridor and hallway, you should choose different floor coatings. For example, the combination of laminate and ceramic tile in the corridor laid near the entrance will look perfect. At that, all materials must have similar color palette.
  • You can also use same shades for the wall decoration. However, the texture of materials must be different.

Such recommendations on the design of space around the stairs will also come in handy in the arrangement of such lifting structures on the porch or balcony.

The owners of light and spacious hall will not have any problems with the design of the stairwell– you can opt for ascetic minimalism, refined classic, pompous baroque or ultramodern hi-tech.

And what about the staircase in the living room?


the staircase in the living room

In some cases, arrangement of the stairwell in the hall is impossible, or the owners of a private house just don’t want to clutter the tight space with additional facilities. That’s when it becomes necessary to install the staircase in the living room. However, it should be understood that the design of the living room with stairs would imply the dominance of this lifting structure in the overall style of the room. At that it doesn’t matter whether it will be located along the wall (as in the photo) or in the center of the room.
When installing the open staircase (without any railings and risers), you can integrate the space of the room. On the contrary, closed construction will visually divide the living rooms into separate zones.

A few useful recommendations for last:

  • If the staircase is installed in the living room, the access to it must be free (as you can see in the photo). Despite the effectiveness of locating such lifting structure in the center of the room, experts recommend to place it near the doorway.
  • When it comes to the staircase on the balcony or porch, the first thing you should do is to provide the safety of its use. High-quality lighting, safe railings and comfortable steps – all this will protect the family members from traumas.
  • If you have small children, you should refuse from the bolt ladders and the structures without railings. A better solution will be the arrangement of step product, whose pictures you can find in the network.

Experience has shown that the design of staircases in the private house is a very complicated, but at the same time exciting event. The recommendations given in the articles will not resolve this problem completely. However, they will help everyone greatly facilitate and decorate the wooden staircase.

If you have any ideas on the arrangement of the internal staircases, we will be glad to read them in the comments.