Indoor and outdoor stairs for the modern house are considered a functional structure and a traditional subject of improvement. The stairs can be performed in a special architectural style with the use of different building and finishing material. In this, it is an element of decoration, creating a comfortable home interior. To provide the safety of movement up and down the stairs, you can use an anti-slip corner for the steps and footrests, made of different materials. Well-executed stair system that protects you from slipping and falling is a final stage in the construction of the staircase protection.

Types of anti-slip coatings

Linings for the steps provide stable safety of movement, minimizing the risk of slipping and falling down the stairs. Moreover, decorative linings (including the angular ones) improve the appearance of the stairs and harmonize the interior of the premises.

Trade assortment in the specialized stores offers the customers the following types of these useful devices:

  • aluminum anti-slip linings;
  • rubber protective linings;
  • PVC linings;
  • stainless steel linings;
  • rubber crumb coating;
  • corrugated rubber treads;
  • self-adhesive rubber tape.

Aluminum protection for the steps

Aluminum profiles with integrated rubber cloth are protective and anti-slip linings. These structures can be flat or angular, the footrests and their edges protecting the treads from mechanical impact and chips. According to the recommendation of specialists, the metal frame is optimal for the equipment of safe and protected contact cloth. Corrugated rubber lining for safety is glued to the aluminum frame with moisture-resistant contact glue. As the rubber cloth wears out, it can be easily replaced with a new one.

Technology of rubber profile application

Equipment of step edges with an anti-slip angular rubber profile is technologically recommended for capital stairs, made of brick or concrete, whose steps are faced with a quite thin ceramic tile (no more than 10 mm wide). It is often used at the equipment of anti-slip decoration of the radial step edges due to the flexibility of material (in contrast to aluminum profile). The installation of angular rubber profile is very simple — it is glued to the cleaned and defatted surface.

Besides, flat rubber profiles for the stairs are glued to the steps in a standard way according to the recommendations, set out in the instructions, and installation technology.

Plastic linings

PVC linings are mostly used in the interior for upgrading and protecting the step edges from damage. PVC linings can be either flat or typical (according to the shape of step corners). Additional property of PVC linings is an improvement of visual aesthetic perception and decoration of the whole interior. They are made of elastic PVC material that easily takes a given shape (including curvilinear) when heated to 80 degrees.

Angular and flat PVC linings (as well as aluminum materials) are very popular for daily use due to their wear resistance, durability and relatively low price.

Staircase is a dynamic and constructive element of improvement of the building, cottage or city apartment. Therefore, it is necessary to provide its comfort, decorativeness and safety of use.

Anticorrosion coating

Anti-slip profiles for facing the thresholds, made of stainless steel are usually installed on the stairs of the entrance group (porch or ramp), at the entrance to the swimming pool and shower room. Such framing prevents slipping and will serve you very long, as it is made of wear-resistant and anticorrosion material.
Even though the security models of this type belong to the high price segment, angular and flat anti-slip linings are very popular among the builders and finishers. Stainless steel thresholds are as functional and popular as the aluminum ones, because they are practical, durable and have stable anti-vandal qualities.

Rubber treads

Anti-slip rubber treads (slate steps) are installed mostly in the place of high passability, on the granite or marble stairs or steps, faced with ceramic tile. Rubber treads can protect you from falling; they are wear-resistant and durable. They are available in different shape, size, color and have various grooving.

In addition, these carpets perform the function of barrier protecting and removing snow and dirt in winter time, in the places of average intensity of movement on the stairs.

Corrugated rubber linings are easily mounted to the indoor and outdoor stair with a double-sided tape. Treads enjoy the consumer popularity (as well as PVC linings) due to their cheapness and accessibility.

European self-adhesive tape

Rough self-adhesive tape meets all the necessary requirements for such products. However, it stands out for the simplicity and ease of mounting. Upper layer of the tape is made of abrasive material, which gives it an anti-slip quality. Standard thickness of the tape doesn’t exceed 1 mm with the width of 25 or 50 mm, which is very comfortable when installing this element at the entrance to the building or room, where you can’t put a common barrier mat (due to the location of the door). Protective frame of the step edge in the form of barrier tape is easily mounted on the internal stairs, providing comfortable movement on the stairs.

Rubber crumb coating

Construction experts recommend to equip the treads located on the entrance stairs (porch or ramp), made of rubber crumb. This secondary material is made of shredded car tires, thickening agent and coloring additive. Coating rough material is available in the form of tile or seamless cloth, used for the insulation of treads.
To isolate the contact surface of the steps, you should buy the universal modular tile with the size 50*50 cm and the height of 1-4 cm. Rubber crumb tile can be easily cut out according to the available configuration of the stair cloth and step corners.

Coating and tile, made of rubber crumb, are quite popular, as well as the aluminum profiles and PVC layers. Rough and elastic structure of the surface, made of this finishing material that meets all the necessary protective and anti-slip requirements. Anti-slipping coating made of this tile can be placed in the street, as thanks to its technical properties, it can withstand the temperature changes (from -40 to +80 degrees).

All types of finishing materials and finished protective structures made on manufacture and presented in the assortment of shopping centers are certified. They meet all the modern norms of sanitary- and fire safety. The description of finished structures and specialized finishing materials, which can be used at the equipment of anti-slip and protective system for the stairs, is especially relevant. After careful examination of this article, the reader can choose certain decoration of staircases taking into account your individual preferences, possibilities and paying capacity.

We hope that our review article will be informative and useful for the further practical use. We are waiting for your feedbacks and personal opinion.