It can help to prune trees and to screw in a light bulb, even at high altitude, to climb to the attic and carry out minor repairs, wash windows, and whitewash the ceiling. Swivel ladder transformer 4×4 Rigger, as well as any other flexible device, is necessary to carry out many types of work in the house and on the plot, which you can buy at loyal price. And the ability to easily change the sizes to fit the requirements of a person in a particular situation makes it indispensable, as indicated by numerous reviews.


What are they?

Stairs transformer 4×5 from Leroy Merlin (however, the size chart is quite extensive) replaces a number of similar devices:

  • Access ladder – unlike it, a transformer, for example, from Zarges, doesn’t need support, so the type of surface in the event of its use is not important.
  • Stepladder – and then you will not need an assistant to support the design, if you need to screw in a light bulb or to putty the crack in the ceiling.
  • Building the platform for washing windows or repair work of medium and high complexity.

The price is not particularly high, but when you consider the versatility of the fixtures of Zarges – it is completely loyal. Four segments, which are usually made of aluminum, are connected by special hinges. Thanks to them, the ladder transformer 4×3 Rigger or any other may take any position. The number of stages in each of the segments can be selected, but generally it is from 4 to 12. All parts of Leroy Merlin construction or any other one are securely fixed with bridges.

Leroy Merlin ladder can be supplemented with adaptation for fastening of cargo for more functional use.

When choosing hinged ladders Zarges of any type, you should take into account the altitude at which the planned major works. If it does not reach 3 meters – it is possible to manage household option. If work is planned from 3 to 12 meters or higher –you  need transformer ladder Eifel TF 4×4 done on a professional level. The latest version is able to withstand considerable loads (judging from customer feedback) that allow you to keep on hand sufficient tools and necessary adaptations.


Buy transformers: what should you pay attention on?

Buying stairs-transformer means to make the right choice – at quite a reasonable price it is an indispensable tool in high-rise works. But when you buy, you should pay attention to some nuances, for example, the number of segments and steps in each of them. They are marked right over the model name swivel ladder, for example, from Leroy Merlin. The first is the number of sections (usually four), and second, respectively, indicates degree. So, the ladder transformer Aluminium 4×6 has 4 sections of 6 degrees each.

The price depends on the size of the device, and the material from which it is made. The maximum height, that ladder transformer 4×3 Eifel TF can afford, is approximately 4.4 meters, but the combination of 4×4 promises to lift a person 1 meter above. Transformer Rigger, marked as 4×6, is adapted for work at height up to 8 meters, but you need to purchase an articulated ladder of professional level. Judging by the reviews, there appears more possibilities when using it.
The parameters of the safe use of ladders Rigger which can be defined “by eye” are coverage levels. It should be corrugated and not slippery (especially if the ladder is from Leroy Merlin or other ladder designed to work at a height from 3 to 12 meters or higher). You should definitely check the quality of the fixtures – transformer ladder Eifel TF 4×3, where they are not very reliable, shouldn’t be used there. When folded, it should resemble a rectangle.
The basis of the Rigger design must not scratch the floor or slide easily on it. A snug fit of the framework to the floor will help to avoid rocking buildings in working condition; therefore, buying 4 section ladders transformers of Leroy Merlin, you should pay special attention to this. The reliability of any model of the staircase can be estimated from consumer reviews.


How to determine the quality of a particular model?

Many people – many opinions. But the professionals recommend choosing the design of swivel Zarges or another company for work at height purely individually. Some people will be satisfied with domestic options, while others will need a staircase transformer Krause Corda up to 12 meters at height. You should note the price of a particular model. When buying you should verify the material and purpose of the product.
There are a lot of advantages of the professional ladder, but if the fixture Rigger is required to work within a country house and the infield – you can do with the latter, as the price of a stronger version, for example, from Zarges, is high. However, Krause ladder for professional use can withstand much larger load (up to 150 kg weight). The permitted height of 12 meters is also an undeniable advantage, as well as more stable base that makes the ladder much more stable and versatile (wood or metal — it doesn’t matter).
Have you gained the ladder-transformer? Was its price justified? Write a review and please share with us your experience in the comments!