Multi-level houses are becoming increasingly popular in our country. They include country houses, premises, and city apartments. Modular ladders provide the comfort of walking to the second floor safely and easily. On the video, at the end of the article, you can see that these constructions fit perfectly into any interior. Marching steps have received such name because of the specifics of their construction.

What is the modular ladder?

The flights consist of the details, whose mounting is carried out indoors. You can make the modular ladder on your own if you have enough skills, materials, and instruments. The overall photo and the picture of separate nodes will help you to get an idea about it. The marching step on the second floor (in the model “Graz”) contains the elements, whose size is defined by the project. The price of the product depends on the completion and materials and usually includes assembly.

The modular ladders leading on the second floor of the apartment or country house take part in the formation of the inner space. On the video, you can see how the visibly light construction connects the inter-story ceiling.

The modular ladder “Dream” is characterized by the use of hardwood for making steps, – beech, oak or ash. Even though the price of such devices is quite high, they’re worth it.

Specific features of the ladder modules

The second or third floor of the cottage or country house usually forms a living area (the beds are located there). Modular ladders have deserved positive feedback because of their high strength. Steps, brackets, and fences are harmonized, which facilitates their mounting. All such devices are characterized by the high precision of node manufacturing.

They don’t require additional fitting in the process of assembly operations. Modular ladders presented in the photo and on the video lead to the second level of the apartment. The inter-story ceilings have special openings provided by the project. The models “Graz” are designed especially for the cottage or country house Graz. Such constructions have affordable prices.

The components of modular ladders, leading to the second floor come with all the necessary fasteners. The models are selected for a specific design of the apartment or country house. You can mount the purchased flight on your own, which will significantly reduce the price. You can assemble the popular modular ladder, “Stammet.” It will cost you much cheaper.

Installation of the ladder modules with your own hands

While working, you should always follow the instruction. The modular ladder can be assembled in the country house or apartment that already has the floors. The second level requires additional stair rails for safety purposes. The construction has a certain height, which must be considered during its installation.

At the first stage, you should assemble and attach the metal brackets. Modular ladders lean on the steel frame. After that, you should place the wooden steps, whose form and size must be selected in a certain way. The work is performed “bottom-up” until the module for the second floor is ready. The construction allows you to do the installation on your own, which permits to reduce the price significantly.

Main benefits of the ladder modules

The photo shows the premises where such flights are used. Modular ladders have a lot of advantages before the other types of constructions:

• Moving to the other floor of the cottage or country house is safe and comfortable;
• Assembly is easy and doesn’t require a special instrument;
• Comparatively low cost of product and mounting.

The staircases from “Graz” (or any other brand) are readily available to the master, building the house.

The modular marching steps of metal and wood, whose price is affordable, get the best feedback. Modular ladders for the second floor are stable and safe. Besides, they have a standard size and are comfortable for the safe passage. Such structure makes the ladders light and delicate.