It is useful to face the staircases with the appropriate material. Of course, wooden stairs avoid this fate, but the concrete ones should be covered on the top. Outdoor tile for the porch and tile for the steps of internal staircase must meet security requirements, beauty and comfort. Ceramic coating for the structural elements of stairs can add charm and originality to the common garden and park stairs, entrance or main staircase.

Tile in the exterior design

Harmony of interior and exterior of the building, their style and color solutions conclude that the tile for the outdoor and indoor stairs must also blend in the style of design.

Material, shade and style of the finishing materials allow you to hide the design shortcomings and zone the space.

Recommended practicality of the tile for the steps doesn’t deny the aesthetic component. Variety of coatings allows you to choose the tile of any color and texture.

Types of finishing materials

Concrete, wood, stone, metal and ceramics are the main materials used in the modern design-projects of residential buildings:

  • luxury wood is considered the most expensive and impractical, and the price of reconstruction of damaged tiles for the steps and care of material can be an unpleasant surprise;
  • practical concrete is quite unsightly, but allows you to save on laying;
  • natural stone is very beautiful and durable, but the price of finishing and care significantly exceeds the budget for average renovation;
  • metal and glass require careful approach and well-planned project of apartment taking into account all safety requirements;
  • ceramic floor tile for the steps combines security and attractive appearance, while the diversity of options allows you to find the most affordable option.

Types of surfaces of the porcelain stoneware tiles

The texture of tile affects not only its visual perception, but also the comfort of movement. What kind of tile surface is better for the porch? Of course, reliable and non-slippery. At the same time, color options allow you to choose a drawing, ornament or pattern. Glossy tiles are polished to a mirror shine and are considered more slippery than others. Special nick allows you to avoid discomfort, but also affects the price. “Lappato” surface means incomplete polishing; glossy but slip-resistant tiles are very effective and absolutely safe. Matt floor porcelain stoneware doesn’t slip underfoot even in the rain, but loses its aesthetic qualities.

Outdoor tile for the porch can be styled to look like different materials. Stylizing for natural stone or wood allows you to make the house exterior refined and classic, but at the same time very practical (even by strict modern standards).

Porcelain stoneware outdoor tile for the porch, thresholds and stairs is considered as a sort of guarantee of security, as it repels water and doesn’t let the puddles form on the surface.

Additional security measures

Having chosen the general style of general style of space design and the tile you will choose on the porch, you should think about the styling features and materials in the environmental conditions.

To avoid slipping, builders and designers advise you to pay attention to the following options:

  • Floor tile with riffled (safe) edge decorate the steps, while the rough texture provides comfort of movement.
  • Porcelain stoneware tiles with racks (boards) allow you to arrange the staircase in one color and style, supplementing the standard finishing with angle profiles.
  • Additional angle profiles are the “nozzles” on the porcelain stoneware that make it look neat and attractive.

Choice of tile for external works

Indoor stairs (even though they have to be as strong and reliable as possible) don’t imply the use of a certain finishing material. Casual plastic and aristocratic wood look organic and suitable in different interior styles. Outdoor stairs must not only look presentable (porch and staircase – the things that will draw the visitor’s attention), but also be functional and durable.

You may consider the following options of stair arrangement:
Prefabricated elements. Factory floor tile for the steps is made in compliance with all technical standards. They are characterized by strength and durability and look quite impressive. The disadvantages of such structures are high price and limited diversity of color and relief design of typical steps.

Paving slabs. Concrete elements were extremely popular a few years ago, but now people increasing refuse from them because of rapid wear and tear, insufficient wear resistance and water-repellent properties of paving slabs.

Ceramic tile. There are several types of classic tile for the porch, which demonstrates good performance in the exterior decoration of staircases. The latter often prefer other materials (more adapted for this) that have passed a proper treatment.

Porcelain stoneware. When choosing the tile for the steps and porch, property owners increasingly prefer this option. Apart from the excellent properties of material itself, porcelain stoneware tiles surprise with their diversity. Staircases can be styled to resemble any natural material, whether stone, marble, all types of slate and porphyry or wood.

Clinker tile. This is the production technology that involves several types of clay, makes the material both durable and unpretentious. Clinker steps for the floor are very easy to install; absence of enamel and technological features of production significantly reduce the waste generation (there are no chips, while the angles and paint don’t break off). For now, floor clinker tile for the steps is inferior to its ceramic analogs in the diversity of colors and textures, but the range expands every year, considering the marketing adjustments.

A little about laying

Undoubtedly, exterior tile for the porch, stairs and steps belongs to one of the most difficult to operate types. Staircases and their coatings must create pleasant impression despite the atmospheric conditions, daily and seasonal temperature changes.

There are certain rules of laying, applicable to all types of floor tile. They include not only the quality of tie, correct measurement and calculation the amount of material, but also compliance with all rules of installation.

What you should bear in mind during finishing works?

You should pay special attention to the solution, as it defines the durability of facing. Along with seam smoothing, glue has to provide the floor covering with the appropriate indicators of moisture and frost resistance. In some cases, one can’t do without adding the mixtures, increasing the properties of the solution.

Final size of the staircase structures and necessary amount of facing material depends directly on the choice of tile for facing the porch and steps. Clinker steps “increase” the structure by several centimeters, but the ceramic options allow you to use cutting.

Diversity of materials and models of tiles for the steps makes it possible to realize the boldest and the most extraordinary ideas. This article aims to help you sort out the technological nuances of finishing and choose the optimal option. Therefore, we are waiting for your comments and feedbacks about the repair you made by yourself.