Permanent decoration of the front door and porch is useless and not wear-resistant. However, balloons, flowers, baskets and ribbons, located according to a certain scheme will help you create special festive mood and beautiful photos.

It is very important to balance the colors so that the color scheme contains no more than 2-3 shades; the only exception are decorative options “color blocking”, including up to 3-4 bright shades at once.

Preliminary preparation

Scope and amount of preparatory works depends on time and efforts you can spend on them. Ideally, you should carefully plan the decoration in advance in advance, considering the smallest details for decorating the porch, doorway, steps and the entire house.

Advantage of this approach is obvious – even after the end of celebration, the staircase will look beautiful. In most cases, steps are characterized by the worst condition. During operation, the surface fades, but it can be easily refreshed by using the special paint or varnish.

You should plan how to apply the compound so that it dries evenly. As for the varnish itself– color, degree of transparency and texture should be chosen depending on the material of the working surface.

Railings, handrails, columns, balusters and porch also need care so that the varnishes and paints don’t lie for too long; sometimes, restoration of the stairs is an important element of security.

You can always find the new ideas in the photos of wedding preparations. Before celebration, you can make original inscriptions on the risers or other similar decoration. You don’t have to remove funny pictures and kind words after the party.

Express decor

You don’t always have to spend much time on the decoration of the staircase and its elements. Simple ideas will quickly create the festive atmosphere for the bright wedding photos. You can pay attention to the following methods:

  1. Light materials are the most popular choice for the wedding decoration of railings or handrails. In combination with the bouquets and garlands of flowers, they look very elegant and original. It is very easy to create such festive decoration with your own hands, as you don’t have to make patterns or sew.
  2. Paper decorations. Funny garlands, chopper, flags and chains are one of the simplest options. Even a newcomer to origami can paste the crafts with his/her own hands. Corrugated paper, cardboard, varnish, thread and tinsel is all you need to decorate your house (from the porch to the door).
  3. Festive decoration of the house is rarely without fun balloons. Inscriptions, figures, arts and crafts or just separately hanging balloons can be placed anywhere.

It is very easy to decorate the house with your own hands. Original decorations for the steps, railings and porch can be made quickly, while you can find the extraordinary ideas and color combinations in the photos from the articles.

Design of the staircases

Decoration of doorways and houses with your own hands doesn’t always start with repair. If all surfaces are in satisfactory condition, you can decorate the room using the following devices:

  • carpets;
  • wallpaper, posters, banners and application of the varnish;
  • illumination (steps, railings and windows).

The easiest thing is to buy relatively cheap paper wallpaper and paste them over all walls of the apartment– for photo report or forever. You can build the options with LED-lighting with your own hands or contact the specialists.

Decoration of staircases and steps with the carpets should be made in compliance with safety regulations. Every part of coating must be fixed carefully and securely.

White walls of the doorway or house can be decorated with the drawings of any color (patterns, ornaments and thematic compositions); after the paint has dried, you can cover every “mural” with varnish to achieve lasting effect. Photos with the hand-made masterpieces will definitely decorate the wedding report.

Your advice and recommendations on the hand-made decoration of the doorway for wedding will please hundreds of happy newlyweds and create an unforgettable festive atmosphere!door