Construction of a house with an attic, cellar or second floor requires the obligatory construction of the building, which would provide cozy and comfortable intercommunication between the floors. One of the most accessible, but at the same time reliable and elegant models is a welded construction (presented in the photo). You can order the product at the market price; however, the hand-made stairs will cost much less.

How many types of welded models are there?

There are several variants of metal stairs for the houses and buildings, which differ not only in their purpose, but also in the manufacturing technology. Different types of welded models are represented in the photo.

Specialists divide welded stairs by the following characteristics:

  • features of construction;
  • stringer stairs are the most popular and reliable metal model, used for the installation of indoor flights, porches and fire facilities (photo on the right);
  • string stairs – high-quality model, interconnected by the common element, which provides the requested reliability;
  • bolt stairs – special bolts are used for fixing the stair elements. They are complemented by the welded railings and connecting elements;
  • design: march stairs are the classic products in straight and turning variant; winding stairs are complex and compact solution for the auxiliary flights of stairs in the private houses.

How much is the welded modification? Everything depends on its
complexity, size and materials used. It is much cheaper to build the construction with your own hands!

As a basis for the flight of stairs, you can use the metal, which will be covered on the top with any material (at your request). Wood is a traditional companion of metal elements. Stainless steel: steel casing allows you to create an original and durable construction, resistant to corrosion. Glass is a strong and transparent material for creating the light and fluffy models.

In the photo, you can see the wide range of “beauties”, which are elegant, exquisite, cozy and comfortable. We have many options for all tastes and requirements.

Choosing an appropriate solution for your house or porch, you should consider the following nuances: general style of the premises, proposed operating conditions and planned load on the structure. Thus, the steps and basis, located on the porch of the public building can withstand stronger impact than the common cottage stairs.

What are the main features of welded stairs?

Metal stairs serve as a perfect basis for the construction of march or winding model in the private house or cottage. Look at the photo and estimate all the charm of this basis!

Benefits of metal basis and steps:

  • durability – metal is resistant to the pests and premature destruction; it is perfect for the installation of indoor and outdoor (porch) stairs;
  • shock resistance – this flight of stairs is resistant to different mechanical damages, which is why it can be installed at any stage of construction;
  • high strength – the product can withstand increased loads in the form of large number of users or carrying heavy loads;
  • aesthetics of construction – facility and ease of metal elements allows you to use such construction in any interior.

Metal is a universal, accessible and reliable material, perfect for building the stairs for the porch and house. You can make it with your own hands or order the ready-made version from the master. The only issue is the price.

What you need to build the stairs for home or porch with your own hands?

It is recommended to buy the high-quality metal basis from the professionals (particularly winding models). This is due to the high level of risk during the hand-made works. Even though the factory and ready-made products are a bit more expensive, they help you save time and efforts.

If you decided to build this construction with your own hands, you will require the following set of instruments:

  • welding machine with electrodes;
  • grinder for cutting the shaped tube and corner;
  • set of drills for preparing the holes for fasteners;
  • wire brush for clearing the cuts and rusted areas;
  • building levels;
  • roulette;
  • hammer.

Buying the instruments, pay attention to its price. Don’t buy cheap and little-known brands, as the risk of their rapid breakdown and, consequently, unfinished work is high.

All operations must be performed in the open air – on the porch or under a canopy. If you’re going to work indoors, you must provide adequate ventilation. It is necessary for the timely disposal of harmful residues.

Safety of work

When performing the required activities, you should observe a number of rules, aimed at preserving the health of worker and the environment:

  1. your clothes must fit all the parts of your body tightly;
  2. your trousers must cover the surface of your shoes;
  3. protect your hands with the special gloves;
  4. use helmet and glasses for your eyes and head.

In the photo, you can see the professional suit, which you should buy for performing voluminous and complex works with metal. Qualitative equipment guarantees reliable construction for your porch and cottage.

Never touch the electrodes during the work! Avoid open observation of an electric arc from the welding march! If you look at the welding arc for too long, it can cause burning sensation (“sand in the eyes”). The duration of this state will depend on the length and degree of radiation exposure.

Presented photos will help you understand the main principles and stage of establishment of beautiful metal stairs with your own hands, which will turn out several times cheaper than the ready-made product.