Stair formwork is a special temporary fencing device that plays a role in the formation of reinforced concrete shuttering.

First of all, we create a drawing of the future formwork structure. We determine the location and design loads on the suspension. Calculate the number of consumables and prepare tools and equipment.

All parts of the future structure must be joined and fitted to each other without various slots and recesses. Start assembling the device. To do this, you need to use self-tapping screws, it is not recommended to use nails, as there will be difficulties at the time of their extraction from the bars.

Reinforcement is done to increase the strength of the product. Ribbed support is most often used. Its numerous elements are twisted with soft wire.

Before pouring wooden boards with concrete mix, you need to firmly fix them so as not to cause bending of the base. Additionally, you can fix it with wooden blocks, which are installed vertically and horizontally on the frame. It is necessary to fill a monolithic staircase with concrete in one go, starting from the bottom and ending with the last upper step. To avoid leakage of the solution from the shuttering, it is made thicker due to the admixture of crushed stone. To eliminate the air cavity in the concrete, it is necessary to use an electric vibrator in work. After complete curing of the concrete and checking the strength of the stairs, the formwork is dismantled.