An RCC staircase is a durable structure. The erection of a concrete staircase in a cottage is possible with your own hands, but builders recommend constructing a structure at the stage of building construction.
Concrete stairs, which are installed at the stage of construction of houses, cottages, and other structures, increase the strength of buildings. In addition, concrete stairs have the following advantages:

  • long service life due to the strength and reliability of the concrete solution;
  • concrete stairs are inherent moisture resistance and fire resistance;
  • reinforcement at the heart of the structure is not susceptible to corrosion;
  • a house with a concrete staircase looks richer, more beautiful, and stronger;
  • resistance to external factors is provided;
  • the design withstands increased loads during operation;
  • a do-it-yourself concrete staircase is good because you can choose the class, brand of concrete, and the size of the reinforcement, as well as adjust the dimensions of the structure to your own requirements and wishes;
  • steps are stable and do not loosen;
  • there are no creaks when walking, which is present in wooden steps;
  • compatibility with many finishing materials.

To make monolithic stairs, you need to pour a cement solution into a pre-prepared formwork. Thus, a cast structure will be obtained. They must be installed directly at the place of subsequent operation.