Wooden formwork boards are widely used in monolithic construction due to their availability and low cost. A removable timber formwork system can be used repeatedly with proper assembly and operation.

The formwork board must have a set of quality characteristics that will allow the wooden structure to last for a long period of time.

  1. Due to the requirements for material hardness, softwood is more suitable for large-panel formwork systems. For small-panel formwork, any type of material can be used.
  2. The thickness of the formwork boards should be 3 – 5 cm, the width – from 15 cm. The formwork boards’ moisture content should not be less than 5%.
  3. For the construction of even structures, the formwork board is subject to increased requirements for its surface quality – it must be smooth and not have cracks. The surface can be additionally treated with a lubricant.
  4. For use in formwork structures, boards are fastened into shields using nails, self-tapping screws, or a construction stapler.