The ladder is one of the most important inventions of mankind. In addition to the essential functional purpose, it is credited with a rich allegorical comparison in a variety of fields. Modern construction is not complete without the use of step-lift. The most durable and reliable staircases are considered to be ones made of reinforced concrete, the dimensions of which are chosen for any building project.


Types of staircases

Depending on the scope of the organization, the process of mounting the staircase uses several concrete marches:

  1. LM — marches without fascia steps, flat.
  2. LMF — spans with fascia steps, ribbed.
  3. LMP — ribbed marches with the upper platform or two platforms at the top and bottom of the product.

Concrete marches are different in the method of manufacture. Flat marches are made on a flat reinforced slab; ribbed marches are mounted on the reinforced beams of reinforced concrete.

You can find a concrete stairwell, available for sale, the price of which can vary depending on the type of the structure. Any of these types is a one-piece cast construction where notches are cast together with the concrete slab.

Technical requirements

When using a stairwell, be aware that the direct assignment of speed hoist is comfort and safety, also the ability to withstand high load.

Staircases, which fully meet the requirements of All Union State Standard, are different by high reliability and long service life.

Also, the compliance standard requires the manufacturer the high quality of the used material.
Concrete mixtures used for the manufacture of staircases should be resistant to frost and high humidity, have high anti-corrosion performance. Concrete that meets the requirements of All Union State Standard has a high density, strength, abrasion resistance.
According to the generally accepted standards, the finished product has the following properties:

  • The minimum number of steps of concrete flight shall not be less than 3.
  • A maximum number of steps for one migration — 18.
  • It is not allowed to use the staircase, the width of which is less than 90 cm.

Installation of staircases

Installing staircases, the dimensions should be first measured with a tape measure, preparing the appropriate template, repeating reference installation. You need to make a layout for construction of playgrounds in the walls of the stair opening. Installation of the landing is performed on the cement mortar, in full accordance with the project plan. The prepared template is used for verification of the distance between sites.
The installation of the stairs requires little training. The bearing locations of the sites should be a bed of concrete mortar with the addition of river sand. The concrete mixture should spread evenly on the surface with a building trowel. Work installers take their places on the top and bottom platforms, concrete marches are brought with a tap on special lines, creating a gradient design.
Marsh is first installed on the supports bottom, and the installers bring the design to the location, feeding the signal to the crane operator. Then it is bound to the top site. Small errors can be fixed with a crowbar, after disconnecting sling. After reaching the correct position, the joints between the pads and marched are close up with cement mortar.

Monolithic stairs

An alternative solution in price and quality ladders is to use monolithic designs. Plain concrete marches, the price of which includes the support beams, the upper and lower platforms are not always able to satisfy design needs. Monolithic stair flights are cast directly in place of further use. The installation work uses the formwork according to which the shape and size of the finished design are determined.
Accurate calculation of materials, compliance with All-Union State Standard will help to avoid additional supports that will give the product great lightness and elegance. The price of this flight of stairs will be significantly lower than the finished span. The surface of the concrete monolithic stairs is versatile for different types of finishing materials. As a decorative coating, you can use wood, ceramic tile, carpet, laminate, parquet board.
Selection of the type of the flight of stairs, its price, quality, and compliance with All-Union State Standard  — a private affair of each person. However, remember that concrete structures are highly durable and require high-quality installation with the observance of the smallest detail.

This depends directly on the safety and life of the structure. You can express your opinion, personal experience, and helpful tips in the comments to this article. If you are interested in the subject of reinforced concrete structures, you will be interested in reading the material on the monolithic stairs made of concrete.