For an ordinary low porch staircase, it is better to use an edged board; it is placed on the edge with the long side. Before pouring, a small hollow is made. It is covered with sand and gravel to the ground level. Then formwork is placed, a reinforcing metal mesh is laid on the bottom. If necessary, an additional reinforcement belt is performed, ensuring the structure’s proper strength. Between themselves, the reinforcement rods are fastened with a special knitting wire.

For an internal concrete staircase, formwork is more difficult to make. You will have to make a frame with a bottom, side parts, boards for pouring steps will be attached to it. The boards should be knocked down firmly, no gaps should remain since the solution during pouring can pour out through the gaps left. After the formwork is installed, the structure is reinforced with steel bars and knitting wire. If the staircase is adjacent to the walls, the reinforcement must be recessed into its surface, creating additional fasteners.