To assemble the formwork, it is customary to use boards and plywood with the allocation of each step. To improve the strength properties of the structure, retaining bars are placed along the length of the span. To install wooden elements, self-tapping screws and profiled fasteners are used. The reinforcement procedure is performed after fixing the wooden base.

Using bars, boards, plywood, and a special stencil, you can start cutting out the shape of the steps. Self-tapping screws are used to connect all parts. With their help, it will be convenient to dismantle the structure. To achieve better fastening strength, it is recommended to use metal corners.

To strengthen the design of the flight of stairs, it is essential to provide good reinforcement. Based on a ribbed rod, a mesh is made using welding equipment. It is customary to place it at the height of 2-3 cm above the formwork along the span. For this purpose, plastic inserts are used, or the edges of the rods are bent.