Folding ladder is suitable for small apartment. It will be in need in a country house or cottage for domestic use and garden care. A simple model of wood can be made with your own hands. This ladder will have heavier than their counterparts made of steel or aluminum, but this material lends itself to easier handling of the metal. The article discusses how to make a wooden ladder and how to prolong its service life.

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The choice of wood and billet parts

It should be noted that a wood ladder will be too heavy in case a large number of rungs. If you want to reduce the weight, you can produce a combined model with support posts made from aluminium and pine treads. As the main load is given to stands, this combination is quite reasonable and not detrimental to reliability.
If you want to make a reliable ladder with your hands, you will need to take dried hardwood lumber. It is desirable if it has no knots or chips. The quality of the material will depend on how the wooden ladder will be. The length of timber will require a total of 13 meters. The recommended size is 40×70 mm.
The needed tools:

  • the saw;
  • hammer;
  • drill with set of drills;
  • a screwdriver;
  • a chisel;
  • sandpaper (in the presence of a grinding machine);
  • pencil;
  • roulette.

You will also need nylon cord to prevent the full unfolding of the ladder. Moreover, you will need fasteners — wood screws, long bolts or plates for stackable cabinets for connection with a support, and metal spokes. It is not mandatory, but preferred to install the rubber glides on the legs of the structure in order to make the ladder not slip.

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Design features of ladders

how to build a wooden ladder

how to build a wooden ladder

If you want to make the ladder with your own hands it is useful to learn about some of the intricacies of the work.

The fastening of treads

The most reliable way is to install steps in the through grooves made in the supporting pillars. If the ladder is low, you can do so: you take a rib rack are cut grooves into which you insert the crossbar. Subsequently, they are fixed with screws or nails. On the one hand, such fastening eases the strain on the stage, on the other hand, it weakens the very front.
The simplest and requiring the least time method is the following: attach the crossbar to the side rack by nails or screws. However, in this case stages are subjected to significant pressure. It may cause cracks in the joints.

Fabrication and installation of props

The wooden ladder (like any other) can be installed without additional supports due to this functional item. There are three options for making backup with your own hands:

  • in a form of a march;
  • with fewer steps;
  • with no steps, but with the installation of the diagonal spars and several cross.


Backup can be attached to the march with a swivel. Then it should be wider than the main section (two widths of the beam). They use a bolt, which is long enough to go through two legs. Another option is the use of metal plates. The top of the stands is attached with compound items; you can do the layout and drill the holes. You will also need the bolt and nut for mounting.

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Simple steps: procurement of items and assembly

A good option for the house will be the wooden foldable ladder with rungs on both sides. You can make all the marking on the timber for convenience when cutting out items. You will need 4 bars with length of 150 cm to make supports and sticks (2 items of each) with a length of 57, 52, 47, 42 and 37 cm in order to make stages.
Before the assembly you have to do slots on the supporting pillars, in places where the crossbars will be mounted. Then you should drill holes for metal spokes. The ends of the crossbars should be slightly narrowed for their entry into the slots in the uprights. The ends should be on bevel 3 mm, since the support structures are placed at an angle.
The assembly starts with the inserting the prepared glued stages into the prepared grooves and then tightly hammering them. Then you should stretch the spokes through the drilled holes and fix them with nuts. The next step is to install connection plates. They are applied to the supports, mark the location holes for fasteners. Then drill and attach plates to the top of the racks.
Stairs or a ladder from wood is a harmonious complement to the interior in country style or eco-design.
At the end you should make 60-centimeter limiting straps or chains which will prevent the accidental unfolding of the structure. At desire it is possible to improve the ladder with your hands. You can attach hooks for the bucket or run a shelf for tools.


How to prolong the service life of the ladder

If you want the wooden ladder served long parts before Assembly it is recommended to treat the stain. The finished product can be impregnated with linseed oil and covered with a layer of paint. The processing with protective equipment should be periodically repeated. With regard to optimum storage conditions, the average humidity is preferred.
Using the above algorithm, it is possible to make a similar design for home library. The advantage of wood is that it is easily treatable and maintainable. It will be interesting to learn about your experience of making the ladders with your own hands.