Two-story apartment buildings became very popular, and a staircase is an integral part of these structures. It’s not just a popular component of the house interior, but also a practical necessity. There are several types of this structure according to the materials of manufacture: wooden, metal, concrete and stone. Accordingly, the parts of staircases are very diverse (for example, larch or aluminum railings and oak handrail).

Special charm of the wooden staircases

To get closer to the nature is a natural desire of every person. In our modern society, everything is based on technologies, and people spend most of their time working. It is therefore important to return home and be able to rest and relax.
One way to make the house comfortable is to use natural materials in the interior. Wooden staircase is the most suitable for this purpose. Of course, the price of this product will be high. However, the quality of handrail made of oak, larch, pine or beech balusters, created with the observation of all GOST requirements, will be worth it.

Standards applied to the production of interior staircases

These are the prerequisites for building the staircases:

  • If the width of the staircase exceeds 1.25 m, and if there is a protection in the form of stairs on one side, you must install one railing .
  • For a staircase with a width of up to 2.5 m, you must install the handrails made of oak, pine or other material on both sides of the railings.
  • If the width of stairwell exceeds 2.5 m, you should install the railings on each side and one in the middle.

Height of railings according to standards:

  1. Total height of railings in a residential building must be more than 90 cm.
  2. In the institution where children always go up and down the stairwell, the height of railings must be 1.18 m or more.

Main parameters listed and round details allow you to move on the steps safely and comfortably.

Components of the wooden railings

The word “railing” suggests the purpose of this product. It is necessary to protect the person from falling and injuries.

Its main components are:


This is a part of railings, whose main purpose is a protection from falling. Balusters are an obstacle. For this purpose, during the installation they are placed not far from each other.

The cross-section of the balusters must be at least 3 cm, while the binding to the handrail and lower part of the stairs must be safe. It is necessary to observe these rules, as these elements of the stairs form the support of the whole railing.

There are three types of balusters: milled – with different thread; fine-molded – round balusters, made on machines; carved – made only on special equipment.

The manufacture of balusters on the individual order will make the handrails unique, but also increase the price of the whole structure.


This is a part of fencing that serves for support. When moving on the stairs, you should hold onto them. Another purpose of the handrails is to fasten the railings.
People always contact with this element. Round handrails made of oak or larch are very pleasant to touch.
Each of these materials has its benefits. Oak handrails are very safe and attractive. Oak is the strongest material. Larch makes them unique. Wood seems to glow from within.


This is a vertical railing, which protects the person climbing the stairs.

Advantages of wooden handrails:

  • Handrails of oak, balusters and other elements, made with this or any other hardwood (beech, pine and larch) for a long time. This quality is achieved by a special method of drying and coating.
  • The have high aesthetic qualities.
  • Great opportunities for decoration.
  • Ecological purity of wood. Pine or oak handrails (as well as the other staircase elements made of wood) are not harmful even for a small child. It is safe to touch them.
  • Wooden structures are very safe.

To create a unique style of interior, it is enough to find the right elements of the wooden railings and install them. In this case, you will get a wonderful complement to the interior of any premises.

Coating the handrails for the stairs with varnish or special paint will allow you to see the beauty of wood and reflect its unique texture.

Your experience in use, purchase or installation of stairs made of anodized aluminum is very valuable to all who want to install these products in their houses. Your comments and suggestions regarding the design of the components of wooden railings can help to realize somebody’s dream!