The arrangement of a two-storey house or apartment requires the installation of high-quality and reliable stairs. It is possible to buy a ready design, or draw up the individual design project with the independent production and subsequent assembly.


Pros and cons of possibilities

The cost of production of wooden stairs often beats all conceivable and inconceivable records. Self-Assembly and manufacture of each part, calculations and adjustment of elements require special skills, the ability to handle the tools and a lot of free time.

The order of the project in the design company will require constant consultations, and will result in a tidy sum in the case of elite structures.

If you have free time, desire and money, you can try to do the assembly and installation yourself by selecting the easier configuration.

Prices for materials – one of the few disadvantages of self-assembly, but it is not necessary to choose premium products.

stair treads for wooden steps

The cheapest staircase

A direct one-march design will cost much cheaper than other types. A finished canvas and details should be assembled and installed, which you should also pay for.

The more complex type of construction you have – the higher its cost will be. The elite model can cost more expensive in connection with fashion on a certain material or décor. In some months it is possible to buy the same design much cheaper.

You can save on materials easily – choose pine as the basis of the canvas, limit the number of decorative and carved elements. Polishing and toning are also optional; the cost of the staircase can be increased by 20-30%.

The only thing, where you should not save money is the resistance to external factors. Impregnation or varnishing will help protect wood from moisture and pests, which is especially important when installing the structure on the territory of the house.

wooden stair design plans

How much does a design project cost?

Self-measurements of the room is the first and mandatory item before drawing up a 3D layout and sketch of the future design. The average project costs 3-10 % of the total order amount, usually the services include:

measurement of the room and subsequent calculations to choose the optimal canvas with the appropriate functionality;

drawing up a 3D layout to demonstrate the layout of the installation area;

mandatory approval by the customer of all parts of the manufacture and project;

estimation, selection of equipment,  possible price adjustment.

The standard project requires prepayment (50-70% of the total order amount). After drawing up the layout and its approval, you should have the project itself, detailed estimate with the list of materials and services, as well as the contract for their provision

wooden stairs pictures

Forms and varieties of constructions

When calculating the price of stairs, the determining factor is their shape. In general, there are such categories of canvases:

Classic models

Two-and three-march staircases, swing and front models are reliable and presentable. Competent color scheme gives the elements the radiant density of the shades. The stunning grand staircases or more modest options to get to the second floor, an attic or a loft are suitable not only for classic interiors but also for the most modern design solutions.

Screw models

Screw structures are considered to be the most compact, because 1 square meter is enough for their placement. When you determine the convenience of their operation, the main attention is paid to the height of an aperture (no more than 1,5 m for auxiliary and rarely used stairs and no more than 2 m for the main stairs).

Elite models

It is not a cheap pleasure to design and assemble a staircase in a single copy; its final cost depends on the imagination. The unique look of exclusive models is really worth it. The price of the unique design is entirely dependent on the ideas and the complexity of its implementation. It is necessary to postpone the amount, which is at least 1/3 greater than the cost of conventional models.

Prices of most manufacturers also include the price of the design project, which helps to fit the canvas perfectly into the conditions of a particular room.

premade wooden stairs

Components of wooden ladders

When the general shape of the future design is determined – you will need to choose small parts and assemble the canvas. The remained work depends on the type of fabric, material and shape of fences, railings and handrails.

Name of material

Amount of water absorption, %

Temperature resistance, 0C

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The price of the staircase and its elements can be called only approximately. Exclusive carved pillars and balusters, which are made by order, are objects of art. The majestic statue, which welcomes guests at the entrance, is performed by masters of wood.

The cost of the stairs on an individual order can be found in the estimate, which details the purpose of each part and their total number. The price of the product largely depends on the color scheme. Complex types of toning look intriguing, but are not cheap. You should take into account also the type of contact surface treatment, which directly affects the speed of abrasion stages and the regularity of renovation and restoration of the product.

Additional components-pads, carpets and polishes are usually not included in the price of finished products.

Many manufacturers assure that not all exclusive ladders are unambiguously more expensive than traditional options. Sometimes the most convenient option can be the most economical.

Your experience in the acquisition of stair designs and subsequent installation will help many newcomers; tips and advice will make the purchase process cheap and easy.