Ladders are considered and indispensable detail of most houses and two-level apartments. Many different materials are used for their building and decoration, which allows you to create the unique construction and exclusive design of the building. As you can tell from the pictures of the wooden ladders in our web page gallery, wood is one of the most popular materials due to its faultless technical characteristics and excellent properties. However, it is not the only reasons for choosing the wood to build the spiral and other ladder constructions.

How to choose the material for making a ladder?

Looking at the photos, presented in the article, it becomes clear that the choice of material must be made with regard to the future location, type of construction and its main purpose. Of course, it is up to the owner of house or apartment to choose the material. However, there are certain traditions, related to the culture and rules of house building.

According to these traditions, wood is a classic material for making spiral and other constructions. If you examine the pictures of our wooden ladders, you will see that they can be both indoor and outdoor.

Along with timber, people actively use wood fiber and wood shavings (namely, the plates made out of these substances). This significantly reduces the value of the finished product. The use of presented materials for finishing helps to improve the aesthetics of the spiral wood article.

How to choose the wood species?

Choosing the wood species for building the spiral staircase (or other construction), you should consider its operating conditions — indoors or outdoors.

It will help you choose the perfect material with the required parameters.

The choice of wood implies the examination of its photo (to define the color and texture) and the definition of its properties:

  • Oak is characterized by the special durability and resistance to rotting, wear and external shocks. It has a beautiful texture and royal color, which is why oak products look expensive and elegant;
  • beech is a second most durable tree; however, it is much easier and more comfortable to process;
  • soft pine has excellent physical properties and is very easy to process, which helps you create wonderful products. As can be seen from the photos of the spiral wooden ladders, it looks very attractive. It can be used for external constructions;
  • it is not recommended to use other coniferous trees on the outside: pine is affected by rotting even after several treatments. Its main advantage is simplicity of processing;
  • it is not recommended to use spruce, as it is difficult to work with and dries very quickly;
  • cedar is very durable, resistant to wear and external shocks, while its amazing texture will add the grace to the product and make it exclusive.

Wooden ladder constructions: main use

To create the most harmonious interior, you should choose the style of product, which would combine with the design of the building. For the classic interior, use the products with thread and exquisite painting. “Provence” style requires the design with floral ornaments. Country style requires the rough finishing, while the high-tech and modern styles – the combination of wood with metal or glass. You can see the examples of application of the wooden spiral constructions at the pictures in our web gallery.

Having studied all the properties and other information and looking at the pictures from our web gallery, you will certainly find the necessary material for the staircase at your house. Don’t forget to share your views and recommend the article to your friends who repair their apartments and houses.