As you know, a staircase is an essential element in many modern country houses, cottages, cabins and even two-story houses in a metropolitan area. Are you going to order a staircase or make it with your own hands? You should carefully consider the design of the product, taking into account all the stylistic and design features of your house or apartment. You should carefully examine all the functional elements in order not to encounter problems in the further installation of the stairs and make it as comfortable as possible.

A wooden flight of stairs: the main functional purpose

It is known that all variety of various stairs which we can see in the photo in the catalogue of our website, on virtual show-windows of specialized Internet shops and even in usual houses can be conditionally divided into two big groups — marching and screw staircases. Marching staircases are more popular due to the advantages — the raised reliability, durability, stability, and also safety. Thanks to these qualities, you can safely close your eyes to the fact that the marching wood products occupy a fairly large amount of free space.
A march is the main element in the product. It is a support and connecting element for two adjacent areas of the staircase. Accordingly, a march consists of steps, which are fixed on two adjacent elements of the string. It is important to note that staircases are classified depending on the number of marches.

wooden staircases

wooden staircases

How many marches do you need?

Varieties of staircases depending on the number of marches are divided into:



In the photo below you can see a straight and extended canvas on the second floor. Quite often a single design is encountered in the construction of villas and small country houses. It is quite problematic to use these direct flights in a house or apartment with high ceilings due to the fact that it will require a fairly large amount of free space, which will not be found in every room.


It is the most widespread type of ladders which are used generally in construction of country houses, cottages and mansions. They can be both the same length and different. You can implement any project, even with your own hands if you have a right approach.

Three or more marches

The project of such a product is quite complicated from the point of view of implementation, so if you want to become the owner of such a piece of furniture in your home, please contact only trusted shops or professional and experienced designers. In the top photo you can see a hinged staircase leading to the second floor. This design is found in spacious mansions, it takes a lot of space. You won’t be able to assemble it with your own hands, and the prices are high.

Each flight of stairs should include no more than eighteen steps; otherwise it will be unstable and unsafe for home use.

Also, a lot of steps are not comfortable from the point of view of use. If you need to increase the number of steps, it is recommended to add intermediate platforms (as in the photo below) to the project of the march product, where you can take a breath and relax. Under the intermediate platform, it is necessary to install supports to increase the reliability and safety of the product.

spiral wooden staircases

spiral wooden staircases

Design recommendations

If you decide to make a flight of stairs with your own hands, you need to consider a number of important points that will help you create a product that is most suitable for your home and comfortable for your household.
1. The size and length of the march should be convenient all the residents of your house: they shouldn’t tilt their heads when climbing and descending. Remember that older people can quickly get tired of the climbs, so do not make them too steep, and risers — too high.
2. The product must be durable — this feature determines its reliability and safety. You should responsibly approach the selection of materials from which you will produce the object, as well as the calculation of the thickness of the individual elements. It is possible not to look at the prices because reliable wood costs expensive, but it is safe and durable.
3. When creating a project, consider who will use the stairs-are there children and elderly people in your house? Depending on this, you can select the finish of the product and the calculation of the size of the main elements, such as the width of the treads and the height of the risers.

wooden staircases images

wooden staircases images

Now you know what marches are and how important they are in product design. More details can be found in the article about two-march stairs.

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