Staircase marches made of wood – the best choice for installation in a city apartment or a public institution. The strength and elegance of the design make the wooden cloths a versatile and harmonious addition to any room. A warm texture and aura of the structure are a hallmark of the wooden stairs.

How to choose a suitable March?

If you want to comply with the results of the purchase or draw up an individual design project, it is important to determine the following items:

  • type of wood and color of wood;
  • coating (varnish, paint, impregnation, sanding);
  • maximum permissible and recommended loads;
  • method and possibility of material processing (carving, painting);
  • texture of canvas and steps;
  • wear;
  • design type.


The location of a marching staircase directly affects many of the above items; exterior fabric and wood color must be in harmony with the interior of the installation area.

The safety of stairs is the most important parameter for any host. Almost all models can be “upgraded” and adapted to personal needs with the help of modern technologies and materials.

What kind of stairs is better: one-or two-marching?

The choice of the optimal march is influenced not only by the size of the room, but also the width of the opening in the ceilings.

Straight staircase (one-flight) is considered the most convenient and safe. During the ascent the direction is not changed; wide rectangular stages of propulsion leaves create all conditions for comfort of the constant ascents and descents.

The recommended height of the stage is about 15 cm, the height of the room is about 3m. A significant disadvantage of the straight design of wood is considered a large amount of space that the staircase will take after installation.

Two-flight staircase consists of two separate elements – marches, separated by a small area.

These stairs are very practical, although they also take a lot of space; the main advantage of the two-marching leaves is an aesthetic function, because individual marches can be decorated in different styles.

Project of the future wooden march

Choosing a marching staircase, the type and shape are selected first. The easiest way to move between floors is straight staircase. Wooden cloths in the form of letters “L “or” U ” not only occupy more space, but also require a separate calculation of the dimensions and load area.

A lot depends on the carrier element of the structure of a stringer or a bowstring, to which treads and risers are attached.

Then you should choose decorative items – columns, balusters, handrails or grab bars and support elements, beams of various sizes, planks and balusters.

Wooden marching leaves are rarely assembled by standard designs. It is important to adjust each component of the stairs to the size of a particular room. Therefore, the final cost can be called very approximately, but it won’t be extra to understand what factors help to form it.

The cost a wooden staircase depends on its size, type of structure, selected materials and composition for surface treatment.

What are markups charged for?

Prices of companies may vary significantly, but it is possible to distinguish an average increase in the cost of structures in percentage:

1-3%. Call of a repairman, the calculation of the dimensions of wooden structures (one – or two-marching.

3-5%. Delivery, loading and unloading of all components of the leaf.

5-10%. The same amount of the total amount customers are encouraged to pay for the preparation of the design project of the future of the march and tinting of the material under valuable breeds of wood.

10-30%. The wooden flight staircase from the leading European manufacturers will cost a little more than the majority of the less known competitors.

20-50%. Assembly of all parts, fasteners of decorative elements and installation of components of a wooden march – all these procedures can cost a round sum. The more complex the project and its final implementation are – the higher the installation cost will be.

The choice of stairwells does not require depth knowledge of materials science or design skills. A competent advice will help to choose the type, material and fabric, so we are waiting for invaluable comments and recommendations from the happy owners of wooden stairs.