Among spiral staircases, cast iron ones stand alone. They came to us from the “old times” and bear the imprint of centuries. Wrought iron marches also have a long history. As you can see from our photos, they have a delicate, subtle and very light design. Such a product will not take up much space and will blend perfectly with the interior design of almost any stylistic direction. It is the perfect solution to save space and a significant amount of money because the prices for such products are pretty nice. However, cast iron spiral staircases are very expensive; it is a luxury.

Slight curl of wrought iron stairs

A significant advantage of wrought iron spiral staircases is that they do not focus all attention to themselves. However, as it can be seen in the photo, they are the final touch to any interior, making the surrounding space more elegant and noble. Delicate and almost weightless, they perfectly accentuate the interior of rooms combines with other elements in the room and set the right tone decoration. Thus, a wrought iron spiral staircase is the perfect choice for country houses and multistory apartments.

Even though the photo seems like the products light and delicate, this does not mean that they are devoid of such qualities as durability, reliability, and strength. On the contrary: if you value high-quality craft, the duration of life of almost a century, security and a high degree of durability combined with an attractive appearance and aesthetics in every detail, a spiral staircase made of cast iron is perfect for you. But to fully assess the merits of the product, you need to consider more carefully the process of their creation.

Manufacturer of spiral staircases made of cast iron

Prices on wrought iron spiral staircases are determined by their manufacture. Depending on the type of product and design the entire creation process can take from a few weeks up to six months. The production time is determined by such factors as the scope of its activities, design products, architectural solutions, which decide to use manufacturers. You should pay attention that the initial stage of production of such products is the most difficult — it consists of the development of its appearance and definition of the project.
Thus, cast-iron spiral stairs at the initial stage are made as follows:

  • select the type of staircase: the photos in our gallery present the main types of products that you can learn to pick up the layout;
  • calculate all of the required dimensions and also dimensions of all the art elements.
  • select the stylistic direction of the future design, as well as a full artistic image of the product. During this phase, many designers use photos of other wrought iron stairs to find interesting, unusual and attractive design;
  • create the technical project of the type in which issued all the necessary technical documentation and the estimate prices of the materials involved in the production;
  • define the method of casting, which will be used to create a design.

After the initial phase, that is, the design is completed, the documents are sent to the production department, where is the final stage of manufacturing with the help of sketches. Depending on the type of casting design can be created by several techniques:

  1. Production using earthen form.
  2. Production using cold-hardening compositions.

Regardless of the type of production, you should first create plastic models of future construction and later design those of cast iron.

Earthen molds are used for casting of simple elements — such as the foundation, platforms and stairs, and the balusters without the use of art elements. You should use the second technique to develop serious details from design.

Cast iron spiral staircases

In modern homes, spiral staircases from cast iron are used quite rarely. But in old buildings, for example, you can find such a product. That is why if you want to design your home interiors decorated with a delicate lightweight product; you’ll need to seek help to companies involved in foundry production. There you will be able to order the stairs to the second floor with a photo of an individual project, which will satisfy all of your requirements and will be the final decoration of your home.

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