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This blog is created to tell you about the latest developments in the production of wooden and metal stairs, about the types of stairs intended for different rooms. They are everywhere. They meet us wherever we go. In the store, at home, in the institution, at the airport and on the street. Without them, the second floor of the building would become meaningless and inaccessible. We are talking about ladders, about this utilitarian and such a familiar subject, which we sometimes do not pay attention to. Yes, they are familiar, but they are necessary: ​​stairs to the second floor of our house, to the basement and to the attic, leading to the porch and bending round of the house.

Our site is dedicated to stairs. We will tell you about the history of various famous designs, we will acquaint you with their various kinds. But the main thing is that we will write about how to make the ladder itself. Those who love carpentry and create can use our materials as a step-by-step guide. We will try to talk in detail about all the nuances of manufacturing staircase elements: saddle, balusters, handrails. We will advise which material is best suited for the construction of indoor staircases, and what – for outdoor. How to properly fill the foundation and make the formwork for the concrete porch. How to make the steps and calculate the width and height of the ladder march.

We invite you to look at our site, where you will find a lot of useful information, and also you can see a photo of our works.

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