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Today, it is very difficult to find one-story residential or industrial buildings in the domestic real estate market, as they have long lost their relevance. They were quickly replaced by two-story buildings, characterized by a large amount of useful space and make it possible to realize the boldest architectural ideas.

Types of staircases indicated for the multistory buildings

Staircases to the second floor can be made in any style and made of natural wood or metal:

  1. Classic style. In our time, classic staircase structures have affordable prices. Therefore, they are very popular among the individual builders and construction companies. They differ from the other staircases in elegance and a presence of straight lines, as evidenced by the relevant photos in the magazines. Gypsum stucco or unique patterns can make them more elegant. Such elements can be made only by the individual wood carvers.
  2. Hi-tech. Staircases to the second floor in this style can be made only by the self-confident people who try to create an environment mostly of the natural materials. To decorate such stair constructions, you can use the following materials: glass, metal, natural stone and ceramics.
  3. You can install the stairs in this style in the houses with a suitable interior, due to which these structures will not go out of the overall design concept. Characteristic feature of such staircases (whose photos you can find on the thematic online resources) is an artificially aged surface and a presence of very complex (from a geometric point of view) configurations.
  4. Staircases to the second floor can be made only of the natural materials (mainly made of expensive wood species). Decoration of such structures is made in the light warm shades, which harmonize with the interior of the buildings. You can often find different decorative elements on the surface of the stairs (you can see their photos on the thematic websites): emblems, ornaments, patterns, etc.
  5. Such staircases (you can see their photos in our albums) are mainly installed in the country cottages, whose interior is made of natural materials and in appropriate style.


Choosing the staircase for your house, you should give preference to a strong and durable structure, as in the process of long-term operation it will withstand significant physical pressure.

You should pay attention to its style, which must correspond to the overall concept of interior of the premises it will cross.

Features of metal staircases

Metal staircases have monolithic and very reliable design. With the right welding of separate elements and proper metal treatment (for this, you should use special mixtures that prevent corrosion), such stairs can serve you for centuries and flawlessly fulfill their functions.

Metal stairs can have any configurations and sizes, which is why they are perfect for both city apartments and country cottages. During the long-term operation, such structures can withstand heavy loads and resist outside mechanical impacts. They have affordable prices and are usually decorated with the elements made of glass, plastic, natural stone or wood.

Advantages of metal staircases

Stairs lo the second floor made of metal have many advantages, such as:
  • attractive appearance;
  • maximal useful life;
  • high strength and reliability;
  • resistance to open fire;
  • variety of configurations;
  • affordable price, etc.

When facing such staircases, you can use modern building materials, which has decorative texture and high degree of ecological safety. During their manufacture, you can use different metal elements, which must be fastened to each other by means of welding. The quality of welding seam defines strength, reliability and durability of such structure.

Features of wooden staircases

For many decades, country houses and city apartments have been equipped with the stairs to the second floor made of natural wood. For these years, traditional building materials managed to prove themselves by showing their excellent technical and operational characteristics. All elements of such staircases can be made of natural wood. However, you can often find the modifications, whose frame is welded from metal.

Advantages of wooden staircases

Staircases made of natural wood have many advantages that differ them advantageously from similar structures:

  • high ecological safety;
  • strength;
  • durability (with correct processing of wood and high-quality installation);
  • attractive appearance, etc.

Wooden staircases have low prices, accessible to a wide audience of customers. Due to this, many people with modest financial capacity managed to equip their houses by installing the staircase to the attic floor or full second floor.

How to choose the staircase for the two-story building?

Many builders fail to agree upon the place, where the staircase will be located. It is very easy to do given the following recommendations:

  • firstly, you need to pay attention to the type of building, where the staircase will be installed;
  • staircase should not clutter the room (it must add height and light to the room);
  • when choosing the material for the manufacture of the stairs, you should take into account the interior decoration of the room, where it will be installed;
  • design of the staircase must be original and attract general attention (any decorative finishing that matches the overall concept of interior is acceptable);
  • space formed under the stairs can be used advantageously, if you build there a storehouse, intended for the storage of clothes, photos, books, etc.;
  • in private houses, you can install any types of staircases: rotatable, straight, spiral and rectangular;
  • all elements of staircases made of metal or natural wood, must undergo special treatment, which will increase their useful life several times.

Types of staircases to the second floor

You can install the following types of staircases in the country houses and elite city apartments:

Spiral staircases to the second floor. These structures can be made of natural wood or metal. They consist of steps, racks and handrails.

  • Bolt staircases. All elements of such structures made of metal are interconnected with special fastening elements.
  • Saddled stairs. The steps of such structures are mounted to the inner sides of the beams.
  • Closed string stairs. These structures, made of traditional building materials, such as metal, natural wood or concrete, consist of separate elements (beams), individually fixed to their basis.

Bolt staircases

Bolt staircases to the second floor can be made of traditional building materials, such as natural wood and metal. All elements of such structures are interconnected with special fastening elements: pins and bolts.

Bolt staircases have the following advantages:

  • ability to withstand heavy loads (permissible load capacity is 200 kg);
  • availability of open or closed steps;
  • attractive appearance (in the photo, you can appreciate this version of steps);
  • possibility of fixation to the ceiling, floor or walls;
  • affordable price, etc.

Spiral staircases

Spiral staircases to the second floor, fixed to vertical surfaces on one side, can be installed both in city apartments and in country cottages. Modern designers prefer using such stairs when designing the buildings, where it is important to save some free space. Their structure made of natural wood or metal, consists of the following elements: steps, racks and handrails. For today, domestic construction market offers three types of spiral staircases (you can find their photos on the resources devoted to this topic):

  • square;
  • round;
  • octagonal.

Closed string stairs

Closed string stairs to the second floor are installed in the houses with a subtle architectural style. You can find it in the residential and industrial premises (including museums, cinemas and exhibition halls). Many designers use such complex structures in the interior design to highlight their elegance and refinement. The pictures of such structures are also available on our resource.

Closed string stairs have excellent operational and technical characteristics:

  • attractive appearance (this fact is confirmed by the relevant photos on the web);
  • complex configuration;
  • ease of movement;
  • ability to match any type of interior, etc.

Saddled stairs

Saddled stairs to the second floor can have any size and configuration. Today, they are considered the most accessible options for the people with a modest income, as they have low price. High strength and security level of such stairs makes it possible to install them in any types of buildings. Main features of these structures are stringers for the stairs, available in several types: straight, broken and spiral. Staircases can be made both with and without riser.

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