Attic ladder is a compact alternative to stationary marches, provided for installation in residential areas, outbuildings and on the street. Once assembled, they are placed in the openings of the floors and do not take up valuable space. The choice of material and options affect the price of products.

The opening types of sliding marches

When you install retractable stairs you have to choose between several types:

  • Scissor model. The feature of the opening and the build is the folding and raise of facilities in the form of an accordion. The transformation mechanism has the shape of a parallelogram or oval. After ordering the product (prices start from 3000 rubles.), there should be the lubrication of design to prevent squeaks.
  • Telescopic device. The product includes a set of sliding partitions, folding one into another. It belongs to the category of less commercial buildings of the middle price segment.
  • Folding type of installation — sectional and swivel. Included in sections 2-4. The first elbow has a length corresponding with the size of the hatch cover and is mounted on it. Other items open for creating a smooth flight of stairs. Sectional designs are mobile thanks to the installation of hinges and joints. They are found within different price points: from 3 to 20 thousand rubles.
  • The folding model. Most of the time, the design is in the folded state and attached to a wall. Its raise is performed as needed to go to the attic. Fixation steps are carried out on the bowstring with the use of card hinges. Studying the prices of this item, you can pick up a perfectly acceptable solution.


The main parameters

The installation of mobile design (both cheap and expensive) is designed to enable the use of the attic as needed. It has small dimensions and load level, which eliminates the ability to move furniture and large items.

The dimensions of the structures:

  • The standard width of the steps varies in the range of 400-600 mm.
  • The height limit reaches 3,5 m. The calculation settings are done by a raise of 30 cm to the height of the ceilings.
  • The number of steps — 14 — 15.
  • Step rung — 20 — 30 cm.
  • The angle of 60 — 75 degrees.
  • The maximum load level of 150 — 250 kg.
  • Hatch size 70 — 120. Smaller settings are awkward to use. Little large heat losses are possible with the increase in size.
  • Depth of steps varies from 5 to 18 cm.


Brands and prices of folding ladders

The development of attic folding systems is usually done by manufacturers of roof windows. Therefore, the sites of dealers often have names of well-known leaders: Atrium, Dolle, FAKRO, Roto, Velta, Oman. Pricing is subject to material-technical equipment. On average, the price of high-end products is in the range of$150- 500.


Equipment for mobile attic stairs

The device includes a box for placement in the designated opening. Its mount is provided with screws. The geometric dimensions are easy to fit through the engineering area. Strict perpendicularity affects the functionality of the device. The interior of the box has a rubber or rubber seals (EPDM) for protection against heat loss.

The existence of special loops contributes to the labeling sections with a spring-loaded mechanism. They are mounted inside. The outer part of the box is attached to the docking hatch. Its connection with the staircase installation is required because the hatch allows you to hide folded stage. In the closed position, the lid remains visible in the ceiling of the first floor. The insulation layer 36 — 76 mm is used to increase thermal insulation.

If you want to bring the system into action, you should pull the ring and stairs will down to the feet. Proper adjustment of the spring mechanism provides smooth opening and assembling the product. Installing the lock with the latch and the pole is needed to improve the level of comfort.

Equipment can be provided with the presence of grab bars with snap-on plastic frames. Additional sections are sold separately. The finished installation should be cut with the installation of anti-slip attachments. The stairs of scissor type can be used to remove a specified number of links.


The folding device marches to the attic

When buying folding structures, it is important to look at the price and charged the standard sizes. Usually, the manufacturer specifies the dimension between the beams and the range bias.

For example, if the interval between beams is 2800 mm, the parameters of the hatch vary within 600/680*930/940 mm, 600*1200 mm, 700*1200mm. The ceiling height of 3050 mm is designed for openings 600*1300 mm, 700*1300 mm. When the height of 3250 mm, there is the option 700*1300 mm. Structurally, the presented products have 3-4 foldable sections, equipped with a special mechanism in the form of hinges.

The choice of material for telescoping attic stairs

The technology of opening leads to the choice of materials: metal (steel, aluminum, stainless steel), wood, or combinations. A foldable version is created from solid wood and metal. The first variant is characterized by bonding technology “dovetail.”

The edges of the steps are equipped with technological projections. They are placed in the gaps, done in rails. The shrinkage of the design is fixed by glue for the strength of the connection. The spans are generated from solid or laminated boards of softwood array, ash, and beech (model A100, Atrium). Rugged steps are cut from oak species.

Among the leading brands, it is possible to distinguish the products of different price categories:

  1. Dolle.
  2. FAKRO.
  3. Oman.
  4. Roto.
  5. Velta.
  6. Holzplast.

Picking up the metal types of items, you can opt for aluminum and steel versions. Constructions of steel are presented in the international market with powder coating, resisting corrosion. The best solution is to choose the line of products FAKRO, Oman, Roto. Combinations of steel and hardwood installations are widely in demand. They are presented in the range of Oman.

When you choose accordion (arm, telescopic, scissor, or a spring model), the main material for the construction is anodized steel. The steps are processed using powder paint. The coating is formed with non-slip knurling. The attention is attracted by new product releases with pneumo-electrical drive and remote control (FAKRO, Roto).

Purchase of slide marches with the placement of the sections one to another provides a telescopic extension of the sections created from metal or in combinations. The latter type consists of wooden steps and metal supports.


The choice of location for the installation of attic stairs

If you want to purchase budget ladder with non-insulated roof, you can pay attention to the thickness of the hatch 16 mm. Its duct usually has a seal. This option is considered to be the best to purchase when the equipment is installed in not heated country buildings and farm structures.

When selecting a collection, you should familiarize yourself with the model Velta “Economy” (ceiling height 280 cm, projection up to 1320 mm). Optional equipment is represented by the sections to increase the length of the installation.

The assortment of Dolle presented a popular line of products of wood Basic. The structure includes 3 sections, designed for a height of 2850 mm. Aperture has dimensions 60,7*120 cm Increase of security can be provided by order of support rails.

Tip: if the installation is planned in residential areas, the correct choice would be a wooden structure, in the technical buildings it is good to put a more practical metal level.

Improved design of stairs for loft

Manufacturers developed special offers to expand the performance indicators of folding stairs:

  • Velta catalog allows you to pick up a cheap position in the catalog “Compact.” It has a 4-section installation with insulated hatch. Among the main of them are a small aperture of 600*925 mm, projection of stairs on the floor is not more than 1260 mm.
  • Roto attracts guests’ scissor with aluminum solution Mini. Stairs have a width of only 8 cm Insulated hatch is characterized by the ratio of resistance to the dissipation of 1.25 m2 • C/W. The acquisition of small models allows easy equipping of the ceiling, forming the altitude of 2250-2500 mm (per 10 steps). Takeaways in the range of 1180-1250 mm.
  • Need for compact construction is met by the catalog page of Oman — Mini stairs include 4 sections with box 600*800 mm 700*800 mm. The height of the premises will be 2650 mm projection 1000 mm.
  • No less attractive compact ladder LWK (opening 600*940 mm), manufactured by FAKR0! A decent competitor will be the scissor unit (600*900 mm or 700*800 mm). The production series is governed by European standards EN 14975.


Stair installation for a loft with additional options

Radically new designs with attention to details were developed for those who are used to seeing convenience in everything, and not accept compromise in the choice of price and quality.

Exclusive developments are the property of the manufacturers.


The necessary tools include a screwdriver and a saw if needed to cut the legs. The hatch is insulated and forms a layer of 7.6 cm, and you should apply 2 sealers to prevent the ingress of cold air and moisture. Aperture is 600*1200mm. The ceiling has a height of 2740 mm, the projection is half — 1180 mm. Control of the march is provided remotely.

Roto will surprise and delight the discerning user with scissor system Electro. The equipment is equipped with noiseless electric drive performance in a 24-volt, and emergency power source is provided for the operation of the product with no power. The stage is made from aluminum and is designed for a load limit up to 200 kg. The construction of the 9 steps will be an uncompromising solution for floors with a height 2200-2500 mm. The greatest takeaway reaches up to 1400 -1250 mm.

The folding stages (for example, FAKRO)

Among the tools, you will need a screwdriver (flat and cross) and a flat spanner 10. The process consists of several stages:

  1. Mounting the frame to the external frame.
  2. There are parts of metal for fixating on the inner corners (from attic side) on the frame. They are adapted for temporary hanging of the product. They are mounted nuts, and the nuts screwed pins with thread.
  3. The frame is placed in the hatch and placed on the pins opposite the stops (pipe gaps).
  4. The frame is exposed in all directions using screw rods.
  5. A stiff lining (to avoid deformation) is used to fix the frame slope on the screws or dowels from the two adjacent sides.
  6. The diagonals are checked for equality. The screws should not be very stiff.
  7. It is unfastening. Sinus is filled with construction foam (not forming extension). Temporary suspensions and the pins are removed.

When you select stairs to the loft (photo) or the attic, the buyer is forced to admit that all the products are similar structurally. However, some firms succeed in improving components and fasteners. It facilitates easy installation and operation.

The above material is considered both expensive and cheap construction. If it helped to solve your questions, you could share the link with your friends.