The design of the ladder to the second floor is essential for the harmonious ensemble of home interior. It defines whether the space will be perceived as a single artistic composition. Or perhaps, the house owners will want to make it the main element of interior, which will attract the attention of their visitors. Anyway, if you are the owner of the country house, mansion or a large two-level apartment, you should give serious consideration to the stairs to the second floor. Many prefer such construction as forged stairs. This is not surprising, as they have many advantages and look perfect. To confirm this, you should only look at the photo in the gallery of our website.

Main features of the forged stairs

Forged stairs are the constructions, created by processing different metals. Nowadays, there are a few different types of art forging, each of which allows you to get the metal masterpieces (which can be seen from the photo). Iron, brass and cast iron constructions leading to the second floor of your house, can be created by stamping or using the specialized forms (as well as the mechanical and hand forging).

By looking at the photos from our website gallery, you can see that art forging is used for the creation of incredible fencing and exquisite railings. The steps are usually cut from metal profile and made by means of stamping.

Benefits of forged constructions for the country house

Forged stairs leading to the second floor are equally popular for using both indoors and outdoors. In this, if you examine the photos below, you will note that the indoor constructions deserve special attention. They are characterized by sophistication and elegance — this explains a huge number of fans of forging. However, it is not their only advantage. It will take a long time to list the advantages of this construction:

  1. Long service life. Material used for making these products, may serve its owners for decades. The exact service life will depend on the metal used in the manufacturing process.
  2. Security, practicality and wear resistance. Forged stairs are immune to external shocks, temperature drops and high humidity, as forging is resistant to corrosion. The steps of such stairs leading to the second floor will be hardly affected even by the heavy loads (in contrast to the wooden models).
  3. Stylish and attractive design. Forged stairs to the second floor will fit perfectly into most interior styles. The main thing is to carefully consider the draft.

However, it cannot be said that such constructions are flawless. Many mention their main unpleasant quality and (when starting to choose the stairs for home interior) terrible price.

The most durable metal, used for making the forged product, is cast iron. Such stairs serve their owners flawlessly for centuries. The least durable materials are brass and tin.

How is the price of forged stairs comprised?

If you decide to view the prices for the forged stairs to the second floor, offered by different companies, you will be surprised by their phenomenal range. Actually, there are several factors that can seriously affect the price. If you have limited budget, take these factors in mind, and you will possibly get the price down.
Firstly, the price will depend on the material used for the manufacturing of the stairs to the second floor, and the technology of its production. Secondly, the price of model and individual project will vary significantly. The price of individually designed stairs will be much higher than that of the model one (sometimes even several times higher).

The amount of artistic elements can also affect the price. Ordering the design staircase, be ready to pay more.
Sometimes, design solutions extend not only to the handrails and fences, but also to the landings and steps! For example, steps can be not only metal (as is common in the standard designs), but also wooden, acrylic or glass. Metal will blend in with other materials. To confirm that, look at the pictures below.

Use of forged stairs in the home interior

As mentioned above, stairs with the forged railings is a universal object that will combine with many modern styles of the home interior equally well. However, if you want that that the structure fits in perfectly with the interior, learn the tips on using the forging in different styles and look at the photos of successful use of the indicated techniques.


If your house is designed in classic style, forget about the complex design decoration. Classic prefers simple forms and straight lines. For the classic interior, you can choose forged march stairs with minimum decorations (for example, twisted balusters). Bronze color will be a good solution for the classic interior. Therefore, if it will be present in the decoration of stairs, it will be a plus. But be careful: it’s better if there’s a minimum amount of bronze on the stairs. However, it should be present on the other interior elements, such as lighting devices or door handles (in the photo above).

Empire, baroque and French Renaissance

The use of forging in these interior styles is not just recommended but mandatory. In contrast to the previous style, here you can let your imagination run wild — bizarre forms, figures and decoration, aerial and light monograms, metal lace instead of baluster, floral ornaments (you can see Empire in the photo above), etc. These styles don’t restrict the shapes of constructions: they can be twisted – light, elegant and compact, or march — lush and massive. You can move forward and resort to the exclusive but attractive idea—to artificially age the coating.

Modern, high-tech and techno — modern styles

The assumption that forging is another remnant of antiquity is erroneous. Designers are happy to use the forged march in the modern styles. Except in this case, the preference is given not to the decorativeness of the product, but to its functionality. Designers choose straight lines and strict geometrical shapes. While in modern style you can use bright and saturated color, the good solution for high-tech and techno will be the combination of metal constructions with glass or acrylic decoration.

After studying all the advice and recommendations and examining the main characteristics of the forged stairs, you will be able to make the right choice for creating a unique interior. Share your opinion, ideas and drafts in the comments below. If you are interested in the exquisite forged winding stairs, you can read more about them in a separate article.