Staircase constructions, made of metal (in particular, metal stairs) are the most common type of buildings, installed in the modern apartments with several floors and in the country houses. Such constructions are attractive not only due to their reliability and practicality. You can easily make them with your own hands. Due to the modern technologies and design solutions, metal stairs to the second floor will look very harmoniously in any interior and highlight the general style of your house.

Main benefits of the iron stairs

If you decided to build the iron stairs with your own hands (or, on the contrary, order it from the workshop), you must consider the main benefits of this construction. The main advantage of indoor (leading to the second floor) and outdoor (placed as a porch) is a wide variety of types, forms and constructive solutions. Metal stairs to the second floor will fit perfectly into any interior (especially if you combine metal with other materials).

Main materials, compatible with iron are glass and acryl. You can use the glass to decorate railings and steps. It is a perfect idea for the interior in “techno” or “modern” style. It is better to use such solution at home (for the stairs to the second floor); while for the street porch you should use wooden stairs. It will facilitate the stairs construction and make it less traumatic. If desired, you can make the porch with wooden by yourself, as it is very easy.

It should be remembered that iron constructions leading to the second floor or representing the porch have excellent technical and operational characteristics:

  • high durability of the finished product;
  • long service life — this stairs will serve you not for decades, but for ages;
  • reliability and resistance to wear and tear and mechanical impact;
  • resistance to the high level of humidity, temperature changes, cold and heat;
  • ease of care — it doesn’t require serious and attentive care.

Possible disadvantages of iron stairs

Have you decided to build the iron stairs to the second floor with your own hands? Be ready to face a number of disadvantages of this construction. But in most cases, negative aspects relate not to the stairs or porch, but to the performance requirements.

Whether you build a porch or a stairs to the second floor (on your own or using the service of the qualified specialists), welding is an important stage of work. The reliability of finished product depends on the quality of welding. Moreover, poor-quality welding can make the appearance of the object much worse. Therefore, the work should be carried out very carefully. If you want to make a stairs to the second floor with your own hands but don’t know how to use welding, you should entrust this work to the professionals.

Those who wish to build the stairs on their own must be prepared for the further difficulties. If you want that this article serves you very long, process it with the anti-corrosive coating.
Anyone who makes the iron stairs with his/her own hands should be careful still at the design stage. Make all calculations very carefully, as only in this case you can be sure that the article will not be traumatic for you and your family.

Types of iron stairs

Given that stairs are the high-risk structure, you should take the design of choice of construction type very seriously. Every type of construction can comply with the relevant State standards. This rule applies not only to the constructions, but also to the quality of weld seams, fences, handrails and many other elements, responsible for the security of tenants.

The most common types of iron constructions are winding and console stairs. Recent statistics show that stringer stairs are especially popular. Stringers are special beams, leading from the lower to the upper level, on which the steps and fences are mounted.
Currently, the customers refuse from the full metal products. Full metal articles clutter and burden the space, creating discomfort for the tenants. In addition, their steps can often make an unpleasant noise. As mentioned above, in order to facilitate the construction and make it light and fluffy, most people use different combinations of materials.

Characteristics of installation of the iron stairs

Anyone who decided to install the construction on his/her own will have to learn the algorithm of its mounting. It is not as difficult as it sounds. For a reliable installation, you must stock up on the fastening elements and welding machine, as well as your own desire to get a good result. To facilitate your work, you can divide it into several stages:

  1. Fix the frame of the product. It is mounted by means of additional fastening elements, which can represent corners or bars.
  2. After the installation of the frame, the next step will be the installation of fences and railings. Thanks to that, all the following stages will be not only simple, but also safe.
  3. To extend the service life of the product, you should process it with an anti-corrosion substance.
  4. Only after finishing the work with iron, you can proceed with the installation of decorative elements or panels from the other materials.

For example, you can make the wooden steps and handrails, which will make your stairs look more aesthetic and attractive. Wood can be fixed with bolts or glue.

Price of iron stairs

The value range of iron (as well as any other metal) constructions is very wide. The price of finished product will depend on many factors, such as the type and size of construction, the presence of decorative elements, etc.

The draft of the product is very important. You should be aware that the stairs made on the individual order with special design and decorative elements, will be much more expensive.

The price can also increase if you turn to the specialist for the installation and decoration of your stairs.
Iron stairs is a good solution for your house not only due to their great technical characteristics, but also through their excellent appearance.

Now that you know the characteristics of metal stairs (whose photos you can admire for a long time), you can make a right choice. Share your opinion and ideas in the comments.