Beds with two floors — the perfect solution for a small compact nursery, which is home to two children. Bunk bed with a ladder (e. g. the model of “Sailor”) not only saves a huge amount of space in the room but will bring your children great joy. It is worth noting that a bunk bed with a ladder stick will be an excellent solution for the apartment or your country house. Therefore, if you decide to give preference to this model of bed for your home, choose among the variety of ladders for bunk beds the most reliable and safe for your kids.

A Miracle of Design Idea in American Style

What model of ladder ought you to choose?

A ladder with three-dimensional boxesAmong the variety of ladders for bunk beds, photos of which you can always find in the catalog of our website, there are a few basic models which vary in price, durability laminate and another flooring, as well as forms.

  • ladder-a stick, which is made in the form of children’s Swedish walls. In most cases, this solution is the most affordable;
  • ladder-a stick, which is made in the form of an inclined structure — often this ladder can be moved and installed on the laminate in this position, which will be most convenient to the owners of the house. This ladder can be equipped with removable wheels to add convenience;
  • ladder, which is equipped with a bunk bed. If you look at the photo below, you can note that this item is equipped with a bed model “Sailor.” You should pay attention that this design can be external and internal, as well as cutting;
  • it is a good idea to create a stair design that will connect two floors of the children’s beds in your home country through the use of dresser drawers as steps. This solution looks unusual and exciting — take a look at the photo below. The boxes themselves are very functional, and their fun design leads children in utter delight, as well as the model of bunk beds “Sailor.”

Bed model “Sailor” with slide

If you want to assess the functionality of all stair designs, learn more about their price and also stability on the laminate of your country house, you should consider each model in more detail.

The product in the wall

The ladder-stick, which is made in the wall, is not only the most affordable — it is the most compact of all presented to your attention models. It is fastened to the bunk bed and does not occupy useful space in the nursery room of your apartment or country house. It should not be installed on a laminate or any other floor covering, which is present in your home — this can be on weight. However, this product has not only advantages but also disadvantages — it is quite traumatic. Firstly, it is due to its location, and secondly, due to the stairs in the form of narrow rails. It is not necessary to set up such a structure on the bed for toddlers; it is better to give preference to models of type “Sailor.”

Staircase-stick vertical - quite dangerous for kids

Sloping design

This ladder-stick is the most optimal solution for bed toddlers and older children. It is mounted on the laminate or any other floor covering in your apartment or a country house. As mentioned above, it can be equipped with removable wheels — such a solution will allow children to move the construction easily and install it in the position where they will be as comfortable as possible. A smooth rise and secure handrails provide the safety of your baby. The ability to buy a ladder at an affordable price for their bed is an additional advantage for parents.

Inclined wooden ladder

According to the statistics, the children receive the least injuries, using an inclined ladder in order to climb to the second floor of their bed. Keep this information in a note, if you do not want your child to injure, even accidentally.

Two in one: bed with stairs

This decision will be the most expensive. It involves the purchase of exclusive models of two-story sleeping places, which will be equipped with a reliable ladder. For example, this model is a bed “Sailor.” “Sailor” — an excellent model of a sleeping area for kids: its bright colors and unique designs they will bring them a lot of positive emotions. In addition to the model “Sailor,” the market is full a vast number of different sleeping areas, so you can pick the one that is perfect for a child’s room in size and design.

dream bed for children

A right solution would be to buy a bed with mortise design. It looks even not as a separate subject, but as the holes carved in the walls of the bed. This decision will help you to strengthen the muscles of the baby and cultivate the fundamental skills of mountaineering. And the child will get a lot of fun climbing the holes up.

Interesting pyramid of boxes

If you want your nursery to have a stylized exclusive staircase, you can create it yourself, crafting of boxes. Standard idea — gathering designs of drawers designed for lingerie. The most important thing is to reduce the trauma of such construction, each box should have side walls. Otherwise the resulting product is unreliable for kids, who will daily climb it. The base of the structure is set with a large box; the middle – with a smaller one; and the top – with the smallest one. Don’t forget that the elements should be fixed — it is very important for added reliability.

After reading through our website, you will be able to choose the right ladder for the bed with two floors in the nursery, for example, dresser ladder. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments, and advise the article to your friends.