One of the most compact, original and multifunctional pieces of furniture for the home is stool-ladder. IKEA and other brands offer different models of such ladders. A small ladder can be foldable or transformable. Aluminum and wood constructions are on sale. Given the interior space and functionality, you can make an interesting model or even a transformer with his hands.


Compact construction for kitchen

You can make a transformer consisting of a stool and a separate module with steps. When folded, it is under the seat. If you want to decompose the transformer, you should just pull the steps and the module will go through the built-in rails.


The following details are required for such stools:

  • 4 large legs (100×725 mm), 2 medium legs (100×470 mm), 2 small legs (100×215 mm);
  • 2 straps for locking legs 38×180 mm, 2 panels 100×420 mm, 2 panels 100×400 mm;
  • 2 side-bars 125×345 mm, 1 drawer side 105×345 mm, 2 side-bars 90×220 mm, 1 drawer side 105×300 mm;
  • upper tier seat 270 x 250 mm;
  • 2 stages 180×298 mm.


You will need to prepare the tools for work on wood, including:

  • a planer and a jig saw;
  • a hacksaw and a drill;
  • clamps;
  • sandpaper;
  • a sander.

You need to take a pine board with thickness 19 mm, you will also need plywood, fasteners, guides, glue, putty and composition for finishing (for example, paint or varnish).

wooden step ladder

wooden step ladder

Preparation of parts of wooden stool and the start of the assembly.

At first you should cut out legs based on drawings. Their ends are beveled for the sustainability, making the outer corner of the element of 80 degrees. Then you should cut the linings and drawer sides. Plywood is used for overlays; their edges can have a curly shape.
The next stage is making bore holes for the dowels. The legs are sawed with a jigsaw in places of joining of the parts. Cut out stage. If you want to dock the bottom step to the middle legs, you should make cutouts in the two corners in the form of squares with sides of 38 mm.

The corners of the legs and the edges of steps should be twisted, this prevents later chipping of the wood.

After sawing all the details, you should carry out a preliminary assembly on the dowel without using wood glue. When complying with all elements, the transformer is dismantled again, and then harvested completely. If necessary, you may customize the details.


Fastening guides and finishing.

First collect separately the stool and the module with the steps. Guides are attached to the outer surface of the connecting plate of module. If you want the stages to move in a straight line, the rear ends of the guides should be inserted into the grooves cut on the inner surface of the connecting plate of the stool.
At final assembly, you should use carpenter’s glue to secure the connections. If you want the parts to be firmly fixed, it is recommended to fasten them with clamps. When the transformer is ready, it remains to close the fasteners. If you wish the stool-ladder to preserve an aesthetic appearance, it is covered with three layers of lacquer, giving each of them to dry.

small step ladder

small step ladder

Interesting model from IKEA

Aesthetic and versatile stool from the brand IKEA. A wooden ladder is suitable for kitchen design. It will be in need not only to give you access to the top shelf or mezzanine, but also in case the sudden visit of guests.
IKEA stool helps little children to participate more fully in household affairs. Due to a clever design – the convenient holes in the upper stage-seat – ladder is easily moved anywhere in the apartment. This model will be a real helper for housewives. It is made of solid wood. IKEA stool is not folded, but its height is 50 cm.

small step stool

small step stool

Aluminum model and its benefits

With regard to the manufacturing process, the stool stepladder is easily made of wood. However, aluminum ladders are very convenient in household. Compact models are released with two or three steps. The advantage of this foldable design is light weight.
If you want the aluminium sliding ladder to be convenient and safe, the crossbar is often laid with mats or non-slip coating. Due to the material properties it can be stored in a humid environment, which cannot be said about wood products. Aluminum ladder also fit well in a modern interior design.
You should buy or make a convenient ladder or transformer in order to simplify the implementation of many jobs in the household. Regardless of whether it is aluminum or wood model, the main requirements are reliability and safety. Leave a comment and tell us about your experience in the selection and maintenance of compact ladders.