Fanciful hand-carved flat balusters are the most important element of the stairs. Besides, they act as a decoration of interior in Russian style, which can be traced back to the Middle Ages. Modern stairs are presented in a wide variety of design. They can be made of different materials and have various shapes. Perhaps, the most notable element of the whole stair ensemble is a slender row of balusters. This is the most important element of the staircase, which gives it a zest.

3 purposes of balusters

Flat wooden balusters are designed for three purposes:

  1. Decorative task – they are of great importance in the interior decoration.
  2. Providing the safety of family members and comfort when going up the stairs.
  3. Functional task – they serve as a reliable support for the railings.

Diversity and main differences

The price of flat wooden balusters varies depending on the material of manufacture. They can be made of common sorts of wood: oak, ash and conifers – spruce, larch and pine.

Oak elements are considered the most expensive. However, they have the highest reliability, quality and can provide maximum operation period.

Products made of larch and spruce have an unusual texture. However, the person who wants to save money should turn his/her eyes to ash. Material of the wooden balusters define not only their price, but also their strength, texture and service life. When choosing the material and sketches for the wooden flat balusters it must be remembered that staircase is one of the main house decorations; therefore, you should be careful when making a choice.

Looking at the photos of staircase decorations, you can see that the designers try to make the flat balusters different, interesting and attractive. They pay considerable attention to the aesthetics of elements. You should bear in mind that the price of wooden balusters also depends on the decoration.

Role in the interior design

You can find various pictures of wooden balusters on our website. With their help, people often find interesting interior solutions. For example, the ornament of one article can be an extension of that of the others, which creates a full-size drawing: in this way, you can make a baluster look integral.

To add decorativeness to the balusters, the edges of the products must be treated (this includes applying drawings, ornament and forms. The price of wooden balusters, changed in that way, will be a bit higher than that of the standard flat balusters.

Instead of seeking the assistance of masters or famous company, you can make the products with your own hands, if you possess the appropriate skills, – it will help you save considerably and manufacture the product suitable for your interior.

The most common use of flat balusters are the stair railings. However, they can be also used for the decoration of walls, attic and porch (in the photo), for gazebos and balconies of the country houses. Flat wooden balusters have different applications. Using them wisely, you can achieve amazing effect.

Use the recommendations from the article. Now you know what the balusters are for and how they can help you decorate the interior. Share your opinion, experience and leave the comments.