Modular stairs are getting more and more popular. It is primarily due to the relatively low cost and practicality. Prices on modular stairs of entry-level start from $1200. This price already includes metal frame for 12-13 stages, unpainted wooden stairs made of pine, basic fencing option of entry level. This version of the stairs is quite suitable for the country house or outbuildings. You can find this kit at any large construction hypermarket. At the same time, you can discover modular stairs of the more expensive segment in the market. Is there a significant difference, is it worth overpaying?
Looking ahead, it is worth noting that the price of modular stairs is the cost of materials and components.  The final amount depends on the materials of the stairs and the type of fencing. You can’t make a choice only from the number of stages or height of your stairs.

Before buying a ladder, pay attention to the degree of readiness to use of the chosen design. You should first examine the processing steps and the presence of fasteners. It is not easy to give tone and qualitatively cover the wood with varnish at home.

Inexpensive modular stairs from DIY network

The cheapest steps can be found in DIY networks. Construction hypermarkets cooperate with large scale domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Inexpensive modular stairs

Why are the stairs from the supermarket cheaper?

  1. Appearance. Manufacturers of inexpensive modular stairs save on the of the stairs. Steps and a handrail are not tinted and not varnished for cost reduction.
  2. Configuration. The configuration of commercially manufactured ladders is not designed specifically for you. You might have to bend over in order not to touch the ceiling during the descent. Due to the high step, the lift can be uncomfortable.
  3. Equipment. All stairs are installed with the same railing to reduce the cost of construction. However, a standard set of connectors is not always able to solve complex and individual tasks.
  4. Production. Producing the same type of configuration is always cheaper than designing each staircase individually.

Modern trends in the world of modular staircases

It is believed that modular stairs are first of all a standard set of elements from which you can collect only a small number of configurations.

modular staircases

Any modular stairs can be made to order for demanding customers. In this case, there is a choice of materials, colors, steps, and frame, matching railings. When applying directly to the manufacturer, the design and the calculations are performed on the side of the contractor. You will just have to collect a made set.
Additional options for modular stairs made to order:

  • the choice of form of winder, angular and invitation stages;
  • wooden pads on the modules and supports, and other accessories;
  • the fence on the second floor with the wishes of the customer;
  • selection of color samples from the customer;
  • carrying out the design according the geometric features of the room;
  • forged balusters, 3D milling, glass;
  • any optional accessories with the agreement of the customer.

An example of modular stair, made to order

example of modular stair

Which ladder should you choose?

If you want to make the right choice, you need to decide where you will use your ladder.

Choosing modular staircase for villas, we recommend you to pay attention to the affordable options from the DIY chains: Leroy Merlin, OBI, Castorama, Modular stairs Stairbox will be suitable for cottages and duplex apartments.

Setup of modular stairs

When buying modular stairs, you should make sure you have the instructions. The structure is carried out without the use of welding equipment. All manufacturers recommend installing ladder with somebody’s help.