In ancient times, the best builders and architects highly appreciated marble for its unique beauty and exclusive properties. Already at that time, they started to create the first sculptures, monuments and marble railings are the real works of art. It have been a long time, but marble railings and balusters are highly appreciated even now.

What are the advantages of marble?

Compared to many other materials, marble is characterized by durability, resistance to mechanical damage and temperature changes. Marble railings will remain beautiful for a long time. However, you should keep in mind that they are more vulnerable to the effects of environment that stone or brick models. On average, their service life is 50 years.

Marble blends well with other materials. Therefore, railing can be finished with glass, wild stone, decorative brick, wood or metal – it depends on your taste.

Marble – eco-friendly and natural material

Don’t forget about the appearance of marble railings. They can be drawn to the shine, which will create a sense of solemnity and pomposity. Marble has a unique feature: it transmits light to the shallow depth (in some cases, up to 5 cm). This creates a feeling that the stone is glowing. In the light, you can see every streak, which fascinates the watchers.

The house decorated with marble railings, will always look gorgeous, rich and elegant. Its appearance will impress your friends and cause envy of the passers-by.

By giving preference to the marble railings, you choose classic, which will always look excellent.

A little about balusters

For those of you who don’t know: baluster is a fine-molded railing column. Such bars represent the small columns, to which the marble railings are attached. Usually, the height of baluster is 700 – 1000 mm, and its diameter – 100-200 mm. The manufacturing companies warn that the thinnest part of support column must be at least 70 mm. Its surface can be glossy or polished- everything depends on the customer’s whims.

Marble doesn’t require special care; it is enough to wipe it with a sponge and soap solution from time to time. Note! It is strictly forbidden to use abrasive cleaning agents, as they can scratch the surface. In case of heavy pollution, use special solutions, intended for the items from natural stone made by foreign companies. Italian and German products are especially popular.

Where do the marble balusters look especially advantageous?

Handrails from the noble stone are often used for the indoor staircases, balconies, gazebos and terraces. Against the green leaves, white marble looks airily; if there is a red color in the background – it will seem festively and solemnly, and with grey – strictly.

As a rule, marble railings look especially advantageous when used for the decoration of the staircases and balconies. Marble is not only amazingly beautiful, but also durable: it can withstand heavy load and guarantees the safety of use.

Marble railings are handrails will make the house richer and more luxurious. Unlike the concrete railings that start to break down and cover with moss in about two years, marble models don’t change over time. They remain aristocratically beautiful and please their owners with their appearance for many years. Support columns are produced at the factory, which means that they all look the same (perfectionists will like it). By giving preference to the marble, the customer gets a perfectly straight, symmetrical staircase, which will serve him/her for a very long time.

Some masters can manufacture the sculptures of animals. The most popular model is lion – a symbol of mightiness, courage and power. Such service doesn’t come cheap, but just think that your house will be protected by the king of beasts!

What material will fit for the outdoor railings?

Unfortunately, marble is extremely vulnerable to the vagaries of nature. The lifespan of marble products, situated outdoors, can reduce to 30 years. Therefore, you should use stone or granite for the outdoor railings. Don’t think they will look gray and dull. Diversity of shades will pleasantly surprise you, while the skills of specialists will leave no one indifferent: handrails for the stairs will look neat, aesthetic and incredibly beautiful. Stone will serve you more than marble, while its appearance instills confidence and sense of safety.
In our country, builders recommend using brick as a main material for the manufacture of railings, as it is frost-resistant, which means that it’s suitable for any region of Russia. Moreover, brick is eco-friendly: it is made of sand, water and clay (or lime). Brick railings will serve you 50 years and pass any climate tests. Besides, brick is a relatively cheap material, which means that such railings will be a profitable solution. Other materials (glass, metal or stone) should be used for decoration. Brick is the best option. It doesn’t cost much but looks quite effective and aesthetic.

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