A ladder is easy in use and storage. The construction market is full of varieties of these multifunctional structures. There are both classic foldable L-shaped (or three-section) ladders and telescopic ones which are so compact that will easily fit in the trunk of the car. The article describes the types of such devices and the intricacies of the choice of an appropriate model.

Basic configuration of ladders

Among the presented configurations of the ladders you can highlight the following:

  • classic;
  • L-shaped consoles;
  • U-shaped ladders with working area;
  • foldable transformers, represented in several configurations;
  • telescopic ladders – the most compact ones.


The main advantage of stepladders is their stability – they can be installed without additional supports. There are folding models with unilateral and double-sided ascensions (the last is often purchased by professional builders).
Articulated telescopic ladder doesn’t fold out, unlike its analogues. Its segments are consistently put forward. This design makes it very compact when folded. This property facilitates its transportation. Due to the relatively small weight, the decomposed marsh is easily portable to the location by even one person.
Folding three-piece options are also interesting. They are made in the form of L-shaped ladder with extra pull-out section. If necessary, three-piece designs can be transformed into a side marsh. Due to this option, the ladder is widely used.

telescopic ladders amazon

telescopic ladders amazon

The scope of use and features of telescopic models

Telescopic options are universal and applicable for different types of construction and repair work. Such a retractable ladder would be useful in the kit of professional equipment and household implements. A feature of the design allows using it on objects with height differences where the installation of other ladders is not possible.
Telescopic models are presented both with narrow and with wide steps, allowing you to choose the option with the optimum dimensions. In this design, the segments are moved sequentially one after another. Their links are fixed by pins or automatic systems.
At first the sliding structure is mounted on a flat surface. Then the worker stands on the bottom rung of the ladder and pushes the following. This action is repeated until it reaches the desired height. If you want to re-fold it, you should clean the fixing parts, after which all segments are automatically added.

telescopic ladders reviews

telescopic ladders reviews

Selection criteria for a suitable product

If you want the sliding design to consistent with the purpose of purchase, you should take into account the following points:

  1. working height;
  2. the reliability of fasteners;
  3. form;
  4. resistance;
  5. the presence of anti-slip coating on the bar;
  6. the material from which the basis is made.


Each of the items will be discussed in detail.


Working height

Working height is called the level at which a person is comfortable to work standing on a ladder. Each model has a working space (the last step), where the worker will stand. If we combine the height at which it is located and the height of the person, we will receive the working height.


The reliability of fasteners

It is important to ensure that the stage is securely attached to the supports of the ladder. Rivets are often used for their fixing. However, the most reliable connection is rolling – the crossbar is mounted directly in the support stand and sealed. This connection eliminates the possibility of fracture, but in the case of deformation of one of the elements, its replacement will be impossible.


The shape and stability of the product

Some parameters of ladders can be assessed visually. These include the shape and stability of the product. Design in working condition needs to have a geometrically correct shape. When installed on a level surface, the ladder base should fully contact the floor.


Cover of rails

The surface of the steps is often corrugated in order to prevent slipping. Rails of some models have a rubber insert. Another option is non-slip plastic coating.


Base material

The base of the telescoping construction should not slide on the floor or leave scratches on the flooring. This is especially true for tile finish.

The ends of the struts have protective tips from rubber or plastic to prevent slipping of the product on the floor.

best telescoping ladders

best telescoping ladders

The purchase of ladders: price and manufacturer

With regard to the selection and purchase of a ladder, the price is an ambiguous indicator here. A lot of things depend on the functionality, material used, the parameters of the model. Price is also determined by the popularity of the brand.
The leader of this market segment is German company KRAUSE. It has established itself over the decades since its opening in 1900. The models of this brand meet all the needs of professionals, but the price is quite high.
You can purchase a ladder for home use of less well-known companies. Such models have reasonable price combined with good quality. There is company VIRA among the brands. The price of household ladder-transformers will amount to about five thousand. The price of professional models from KRAUSE or ZARGES will fluctuate within 7-30 thousand rubles.

image of sliding ladders

image of sliding ladders

Assistive devices for ladders

If you want to make a three-piece or telescopic ladder multifunction, you should apply some additional equipment. These devices include:

  • extension cords to the supports of the ladder;
  • suspended platforms for tools and materials;
  • rollers for the legs of the ladder.

Extension cords are used for supports when working on objects with significant height differences. These are the facades of buildings, staircases. Their fixing is provided by screw connections.

Suspension platform is fixed on hooks and can be mounted at any convenient height. It is used to keep at hand all the necessary materials and tools. Such a platform is especially important during the finishing operations.
If you want to move the ladder to its legs with screw connections, you can attach the rollers. There are sharp tips for stability when working on the ground. And you should use special balancing nozzle to install the product on a raised surface.

There were developed a lot of models, including three-piece telescopic ladders-transformers. They are multifunctional, and can be adapted to work in specific conditions through the use of assistive devices. Express your opinion on the work of telescopic structures in the comment box.