Regardless of the location of the staircase (next to the porch or inside the house), it is an important part of interior. Great importance is attached to its decoration and safety. There are many devices to prevent slipping and make the movement comfortable (compact rugs and carpets for the indoor pine steps or rubber coatings for the outdoor stairs).

Soft decorative rugs

Carpets are the proper functional accent for the indoor steps made of pine. To mount them, you should use:

  • double-sided tape;
  • metal bars;
  • glue

In contrast to paths, carpet pads for the steps occupy only the surface or the tread. They are easy to mount and (if necessary) dismantle, which considerably simplifies their care. The carpets are available in various size, shape and color solutions. Carpets for the stairs can be rectangular or semi-oval. Shades must be chosen to match the floor coating or overall color palette of the premise. If the surface is slippery (for example, varnished), coating the steps with rugs becomes a necessity.

Anti-slip carpet pads with short and flexible fibers will be especially practical for the pine stairs.

Their additional advantages are a protection of wooden steps from premature wear: abrasions, scratches and other defects. Stair carpets will effectively mask the defects of pine stairs. Besides, they don’t require complex care: pads should be periodically cleaned with vacuum or processed with detergents for the carpets.

Carpets will be quite appropriate on the stairs. However, in this case, you should pay attention to how the coatings are fixed. Carpet holders for the stairs are a very good option. These devices include fasteners attached to the pine treads on either side of the carpet, as well as the tubes supporting it. Such carpet steps for the stairs will decorate the interior and prevent falls.

How to fasten the carpet

Before laying the stair carpet, you should fix the bindings. Start the laying from the top platform. Carpets should be pulled through the steps and fixed with a tube. Continue the work, moving to the bottom step.

When laying the coating in the house, you should mark the exact locations of the fastening. Even a minor deviation can lead to a significant distortion of canvas. Separate carpets for the pine steps can be secured by metal bars or angles. If the surface is concrete or metal, you can cover it with pads by using special glue.

Anti-slip devices for outdoor stairs

There is a wide assortment of the tile outdoor steps with special treatment, rubber carpets and bars for the stairs. There are matt, notch and abrasive stickers. Carpet for the stairs will not be a proper option for the porch, but the elastic rubber pads will effectively prevent slipping. Such anti-slip device will protect the tile from destruction and will withstand significant temperature fluctuations. Rubber profiles for the stairs can be easily cleaned of ice. Their flexibility allows you to mount anti-slip pads on the stairs of non-standard form.

Rubber profiles are equipped with two small metal details, which must remain under the finishing of the porch stairs. Due to this, they can be safely mounted on the steps. Anti-slip thresholds for the porch and pads for the steps can be installed both before and after the finishing. They represent the basis with a fixed elastic plastic insert. Another option is self-adhesive floor mats for the steps, sold in rolls. They are cut into the anti-slip strips of the necessary size and pasted to the edges of the outdoor treads. Such device for the porch will serve you during one season.

Pads and carpets for the steps can be made of different materials. Inside the premises, you should use the carpet floor for the stairs. For facing the porch, you should use anti-slip rubber profiles and tile with notches and abrasive stickers. Carpets and bars have both functional and decorative purpose. Share your interesting ideas on how to choose the carpet for the stairs and what you should use to cover the staircase.