Tile for the steps of the street porch must be slip resistant, as in winter the temperature often rises above zero, and then falls sharply, which leads to the formation of ice on different surfaces. Non-slip tile for the porch will make walking safe and protect you from injuries.

Types of exterior tile

There are several types of exterior tile, whose surface is relatively non-slip:

  1. porcelain stoneware;
  2. stone;
  3. rubber;
  4. ceramic.

Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. When choosing, you should focus on them.

Porcelain stoneware tile

This material has a very specific structure, due to which it is resistant to moisture. It doesn’t absorb moisture, which is one of the main factors making the use of such tile optimal for facing the exterior steps. The surface of porcelain stoneware, which gives anti-slip properties to the tile. It is totally safe for the human, as it contains only natural components: water, silica sand, feldspar and different types of clay. Anti-slip porcelain stoneware is often used outdoors. However, its price is relatively high.

Stone tile

This material is also often used for facing the steps of the street porch. Even very slippery shoes will be 100% safe for walking on such surface. Stone tile can be made of different components: limestone, travertine, basalt and marble. They’re all naturally occurring, and therefore eco-friendly. There are different types of stone tile. You should opt for the products with the rough and relief surface.

Rubber tile

Rubber tile is often use for the stairs and porch, as it has excellent operational characteristics. Rubber surface remains anti-slip even when wet, which makes the tile suitable for facing the outdoor steps. Rubber is inert and easy to use.


This material is made of clay and limestone in the old-fashioned way- with the help of roasting-, which makes it less durable. The surface of ceramics is usually rough enough to walk in water or during rain without the risk of slipping. Ceramics is comparatively cheap and easy to install. The porch covered with this material has excellent anti-slip properties.

Main characteristics

Anti-slip exterior tile must be selected according to many nuances. One of the most important factors is water absorption. This parameter should be taken into account when selecting the material for finishing the steps of the porch, situated in the open air. Anti-slip materials considered have the following characteristics:

Name of materialWater absorption, %Thermal resistance, 0С
Porcelain stoneware0.05300


Tile for the porch must be chosen considering all these parameters. Resistance to the high temperature allows you to avoid damage in the sun. Anti-slip properties depend directly on the water absorption value.

Porcelain stoneware

This material has a low water absorption value. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Steps covered with such material don’t absorb moisture, and therefore have outstanding slip resistance properties. The disadvantages of this material include the need for the installation of special structures. Given the low water absorption value, cement solution almost doesn’t fasten porcelain stoneware. Therefore, it is difficult to fix it safely on the porch.


It is very easy to install. Its sensitivity to moisture is sufficient to use a regular cement solution for laying. Besides, stone is not inferior to porcelain stoneware in thermal resistance – it can easily withstand even very high temperatures, which allows you to use it in the sun for a long time without fear. Its anti-slip properties are also excellent.

Anti-slip rubber tile is frequently used outdoors. It has a very low water absorption value. Relief surface prevent slipping even with high amount of moisture – friction between a sole and rubber is very high. In this, anti-slip surface fulfills its function so well that it is often used not only for decorating the porch, but also to face the bathroom floors and swimming pools.


Ceramics is easy to lay. Separate elements are safely interconnected by means of solution or special glue. This is possible thanks to the high water absorption value. This parameter is also a reason why the anti-slip properties of ceramics are smaller than those of porcelain stoneware or similar materials.

Which facing to choose?

High-quality non-slip tile for the street porch is a guarantee of safety and lack of injuries. Therefore, you should opt for porcelain stoneware. However, it is relatively expensive. Therefore, if the porch is large enough, perhaps you should look at the cheap material – rubber or stone. In special cases, you can install the pads on the steps of the staircase. If the porch is situated under the shed, or the liquid doesn’t reach it for any other reason, you can use common ceramics. Anti-slip properties of this material are worse than those of porcelain stoneware. However, it costs much less.

Anti-slip tile for outdoor steps is not a luxury but a necessity. Choose it carefully, as it determines the comfort of using the porch in rainy season. It is very difficult to consider all nuances. Leave your comments with the tips on the choice of this material for finishing the floors.