Currently, stairs are becoming more popular in the construction and redevelopment of the house. They are installed both in the building and outside. There is a great variety of stairs: prefabricated stairs, one-piece massive ones. The material is also used different: stairs made of stone, wood, metal, glass. They are put with different purposes of direct use or just as a decor. It all depends on the customer’s preferences, the volume of space and solvency. The chosen company will qualitatively fulfill its obligations.


Types of stairs: what is better for your house?

When designing a staircase in a building, it is necessary to approach the issue seriously and think through all the details on the material, even when designing a house. When choosing the form of stairs and the location where it will be installed, it is necessary to provide the ease of use and harmonious placement in the room, taking into account the doorways. At this time, there are two kinds of stairs: curved and straight stairs.


The most familiar and frequently encountered stairs are ones with straight flights. A march is a series of steps from 3 to 18, depending on the conditions, or rather the required height, which are fixed by carrier beams. They can be varied according to the turn center: 90, 180 and 360 degrees, and also according to the turn: right and left. Such ladders and ladder platforms are established in high-rise city buildings. If we install a ladder in a private house, the space under it can be used to store different things (as a storage room). An integral part of the stairs is the stringer and bowstring, supporting structures which include the steps.


how to build a stone staircase

how to build a stone staircase

The staircase is mounted on supporting legs and installed on handrails. We also install risers for the aesthetic appearance, so the stairs will be closed. If you do not use risers, the staircase will seem airy, light, despite the heavy finishing material. Despite your choice, you need to be mindful of security and convenience. A staircase will be handy if a person doesn’t feel the heaviness during the lifting. You also need to determine the height of steps, depth, and angle of elevation. It is necessary to consider all standards and rules – professional experts will pay attention to it during the installation.


Stone stairs — a timeless classic

The most reliable stairs are made of stone. A stone staircase is the decoration of a house, cottage or just a building. It always looks noble and majestic, which often confirms the exquisite taste of the residents. From the point of view of operation, the stone staircase is durable and resistant to external influences and weather changes. These stairs are eco-friendly and luxurious in appearance.

When installing stone stairs, you should relate to all parameters: the weight of the ladder, which is very massive and the stability of the foundation, the pillars on which the ladder will be located.

stone staircase australia

stone staircase australia


Attractive decoration — the decoration of stairs

The finishing of stone stairs can depend on the conceived general style of the interior. We use marble, foreign granite for the interior decoration. Marble is almost always polished; it is processed in the style of antiquity, thereby creating a special atmosphere of grandeur and solidity. A variety of lamps and figurines can serve as a decoration. Fences can be made of wrought metal, steel, bronze with geometric pattern or floral motifs. The color scheme is picked up on preferences of owners, from warm to cold tones. Choosing a marble that is very rich in tones, people often choose white, black, green and gray, pink, stone also gives the same great choice of textures. You can choose not only one color, but also a combination, for example, the type of chessboard, the image of the sun.

It is possible to choose an artificial stone for finishing – porcelain tile, the quality of which does not concede to marble and granite at all. Stairs can be made of solid stone, and miscellaneous items. Alternatively, you can choose anti-slip steps with the roughness for safety or you can stick rubber pads on the steps. When choosing a material and color scheme, it is necessary to think in advance about the entire style of the house, from the classic version, baroque, gothic, possibly eclecticism, and then choose the design and details that will decorate the flight of stairs. If necessary, you can save money by facing concrete stairs-this technique is relevant for entrances and at the entrance. Due to proper installation, it will also look rich and practical.


Absolutely identical stairs cannot be found – this is an exclusive creation, as there are no identical stones in the world, and sunlight or special lighting will emphasize the uniqueness and beauty of the majestic element in the interior. The stone stairs are most often installed in the living room, they can be considered a highlight of the house. Often rich people can afford such a construction. It is not only luxury and nobility, but also durability in operation.